✅ Power Wheels Wild Things Review 2021 – Ultimate Gift for your kid !

Power Wheels Wild Thing

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5/5 Rating

“This two-wheeled vehicle is perfect for your kid if you want to experience their wildest adventures with coolest toy in the market.”

Are you looking for an awesome gift for your kid’s next birthday? 

Power Wheels Wild Things from Fisher-Price can be the best choice for your kids aged between 5-10 years!  

If your kid loves adventurous rides, let him take a ride on the wild side with this battery-powered vehicle. Your kid will love hopping into the extra wide seat and get the hold of the dual joysticks for his or her next on-road adventure.

Power Wheels Wild Things Features –

Power wheels does not come in the category of big and bulky ride-on, and it takes up very little room for storage. If you think that it will take you hours and lots of energy to assemble its parts like all other massive ride-on, here’s the best part! All you have to do is to put the wheels on, attach the seat belts and get the battery in the place and it’s ready to roll in just about 20 minutes. You have to charge the battery for about 14 hours for the first charge. There’s only one seat, and the battery and other controls are positioned underneath the seats. It has the great ability to be more agile and moves in every possible direction which the kids absolutely love.

It is very easy to operate, when the kids will push both the joysticks backward, the wild things moves backward and can reach a maximum speed of three miles per hour and when both the joysticks are pushed forward, it starts moving in the frontward direction and can reach a maximum speed of five miles an hour. The cool part comes in when they push one joystick in the forward direction and another one backward, that’s when it starts to spin. You can do different combinations with the joysticks to make it spin in a more breathtaking different direction.

It is completely safe for the kids as the only thing they can do while sitting on this little guy is control the joysticks and move it forward, backward or spin around in circles. The control of the speed is in your hands. There’s just one control system that too located underneath the seat which is totally out of control of the children while they are sitting on it. You can easily set the speed with the buttons and put the seat back.

Another important thing is that the power wheels will never start unless the seat is in the right position which also ensures safety. There are two excavators located at the backsides of the seat which needs to be pressurized to get that little guy going. So, if your kid is sitting incorrectly or facing the wrong direction, the excavators won’t activate, and the power wheels will not start.

It comes in a variety of color combinations such as orange with black, pink with black and pink with white which gives your kid great options to choose from and pick up their favorite color. The battery can go on for a long time and requires less time to be fully charged. Its hard shell sturdy design and massive strong tires protect the kid and can easily hold up to 100 pounds or 45.4 KGs of weight.  It comes with a strong belt that helps in keeping your kid attached to the seat and ensures safety.

The combination of big wheels and small caster at the back allows it go over uneven terrain, grass and a lot of different kinds of surfaces and it can also pop over the bottom of the driveway, which makes it a more incredible experience. The big wheel base in the front of the wild things makes it really stable, so it’s not able to be tripped easily. Always make your kid wear a helmet while going for a ride on power wheels because prevention is always better than cure!

What are the Pros and Cons ?


The strong three tyre system allows the kid to roll on every kind of terrain. Be it a super smooth floor or a rugged driveway. Power wheels wild thing can even go fearlessly on the grass without tripping or sliding due to the wetness of the grass. The two large tires at the front and the small caster on the back can provide your kid with the best off-road experience that most of the vehicles cannot.

The control of the speed of the vehicle is out of the reach of the child, and you can set the speed according to the need. Vehicle’s Smart Drive is located below the seat which can only be used by an adult.  There are four-speed modes ranging from 2, 3, 4 and 5 miles an hour. The vehicle can go for 5 miles per hour forward and 3 miles per hour in reverse direction.

The robust body of the vehicle provides super safety features to protect your child from falling down during the ride. The strong Velcro belt is tough enough to keep your child on the seat and prevent from falling during the spins. The built-in stability sensor allows the vehicle to move only when the child is sitting the right way on the seat. It uses the joysticks to move forward, backward and for spinning. The spinning feature helps the vehicle to move into 360 degrees but at a very low speed.


There are two independent motors for each of the wheel that means the wheels will not spin uniformly. When you push the joysticks, the front two wheels can go into different directions. Reaching the maximum pressure on the joystick and the vehicle will stop moving in the straight line.

There is a total lack of precision on the joysticks. Sometimes the vehicle starts moving instantly, and other times it needs time to get it started. But most of the time kid enjoys this lack of precision and think of it as the challenge that gives them more adventure riding this toy.

The tires are strong and massive but are made of plastic. This is not a big problem as the plastic used in the manufacturing of the tires is very tough. But the plastic material sometimes does not provide the best grip on some surfaces. The main reason behind it can be the independent motors.

Fisher Price’s Power Wheels Boomerang– The Best Alternate!

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you can also take a look at Fisher Price’s Power Wheels Boomerang. This three-wheeled all-terrain smart vehicle comes with the power drift mode which gives your kid exciting thrill rides. It is a lot similar to the power wheels wild things and offers a lot of similar experience. The main difference between both the products is that power wheels wild things uses joysticks to control the movement of the vehicle whereas boomerang has got a fantastic steering wheel to control the motions of the vehicle.

Kids can easily drive it over a variety of rugged or smooth terrains including grass and driveways. This buggy can reach a maximum speed of five miles an hour when pushed in the forward direction and can go a maximum of 2.5 miles per hour in reverse direction. It cannot spin around in circles like the wild things, but you can tilt and spin it into fully controlled drifts using its incredible drift mode. Unlike the wild things, you have to push the shifter up or down located near the steering wheel to change directions and also the speed. This can be a major drawback of power wheels boomerang as your child can control the speed of the vehicle.  It is also very easy to make the vehicle drift, just turn the steering wheels in the direction you want to drift the vehicle and then press and hold the drift button located on the steering wheel.

For the safety purposes, the Boomerang features a sturdy seat belt, high sides to prevent your kid from falling sideways while drifting and an adjustable seat belt to give the most comfortable feel to your kid while driving. It also features power-lock brakes to avert the sudden brake shocks.  It comes in two vibrant color options-Blue and Purple. The Power Wheels Boomerang is a little costly than the power wheels wild things and can cost you about 400$. But with its amazing drift mode, it’s worth the price!

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Final Verdict –

Fisher Price is well known for its awesome Ride-On’s for children. They’ve got an Escalade and a Porche and even Harley Davidson, but Power wheel is a really different kind of product Fisher-Price has ever created. Your kid will definitely love this vehicle. The remarkable features the vehicle offers are really of great use and provides the best experience to the child and even the parents. Let’s do a quick summary of what all features Power Wheels Wild Things is offering.

All over it is a great deal available in the market right now that you and your children will absolutely love. If you have any more queries regarding this product, do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey there Brian, I have been searching high and low for the wild thing for my baby for Christmas and can’t find it anywhere any suggestion? Thank you, a desperate mom

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