Pulse Safe Start Best Electric toddler Scooter Review

Pulse Safe Start Electric Scooter

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Best Toddler choice!

This is the one and only electric scooter that you need to look at when you are going to buy a new scooter for toddler. Whether you’re looking for one for your son or daughter the pulse safe start has it all. A bunch of different designs are available, TMNT, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Spiderman, Disney princesses, Doc McStuffins yeah you name it!

Speed: under 2 mph

Distance: 40 minutes

Charge Time: 8 hours

Battery: 6V Rechargeable

Max Load: 50 lbs

  • Speed: top speed is under 2 mph, which is comparable to their running speed.
  • Safety: the extra wheel does wonders for stability, as does the steering limiter
  • Price: this is an affordable unit that won’t make you cry when your child outgrows it
  • Looks: This unit is typically going to appeal to some girls, while others may not like the coloring. Fortunately there are a few extra choices and if you do not want to go with a frozen electric scooter then there is, Spiderman, TMNT among others. So it’s not really con.

When considering which ride on toys for toddlers to get, a number of very important points need to be considered:

How safe is the electric scooter for toddlers?

What is the maximum speed?

Since it will be outgrown, will you be looking for a cheap device?

With all these critical questions in mind, today we are reviewing the Pulse Safe Start Princess Electric Scooter. This is one of the best toddler’s electric scooters we have reviewed to date. If you might think you’re kid needs a more serious scooter check here.

Safety Features of scooters for toddlers

Since toddlers are generally not known for their stability, it is of utmost importance that their first check here comes equipped with features that take this into account. One of the best ways to add stability to a scooter is to add an extra wheel up front making it a toddler tricycle electric scooter.

The added wheel adds extra stability through basic physics. If your child leans to the side, the weight will still be above the supporting base of the tricycles for toddlers. On a two wheel scooter, leaning can cause the unit to tip over. This one feature alone makes this unit an excellent choice from a child’s safety perspective. Hence this is the best toddler scooter out there.

That one feature is just the start.

This unit also comes equipped with a steering limiter. This prevents the child from over steering around a turn, and potentially causing child to fall off in the process. You can be sure that even if your daughter/boy is practicing for her first Gran Prix, she/he will be safe and sound in her Pulse Safe Start 3 wheel toddler scooter.

That’s not all, though.

With an extra wide deck your child is guaranteed to get the best footing possible. No slipping as she gets on and off, even if she’s in a hurry.

Speaking of being in a hurry, you won’t have to hurry after your child to catch them on this scooter. Unlike some of the scooters designed for a different age bracket, this unit tops out at a max speed of around 2 mph. This is equivalent to a nice leisurely stroll, so you can walk behind your child as they enjoy the freedom of the electric scooter.

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Presently, this unit is retailing for around $80. This makes it one of the more affordable options we have reviewed. This is wonderful, considering that it is designed to only work for small children. You don’t want to pay $500 for a unit that is only going to be usable for a few months to a year. The lower price tag means that you don’t have to shell out a car payment for your toddler to have fun and ride in style on their electric scooter.

Additional Features

In terms of ride time, this unit will not disappoint your child. A total of 40 minutes can be had, for a total range of around 1.5 miles. This means that your little girl won’t get far if she gets carried away and decides to go on an epic adventure.

With a max weight of 50 pounds, this unit is not suitable for adults or larger children, so please be aware.

The 6V battery charges in around 8 hours, which is typical for units of this size and price. Best yet, the unit is good for 300+ charge cycles, so the battery won’t wear out before your child outgrows the scooter. This is one of the most beloved riding toys for 2 year olds and it only takes them an hour or so to master.


The Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-wheel scooter is the best scooter for toddlers that we have reviewed. It has the price parents will love and the safety features you demand to protect your little one.

If the design is off putting, do not fear. There are plenty of alternative designs that utilize the same hardware. That means you get the same safety and reliability in a different package.

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