Rad Power Bikes Review- Electric Fat Bikes, Cargo Bikes & More!

rad power bikes

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Commuting is a major part of our lives and has been for decades. We are required to travel for almost anything and everything – be it work, education, shopping, socializing. What better way to make the commute as comfortable and free as possible using automobiles that grade down manual efforts making it negligible!

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Wondering where to find these?

Well, the solution you are looking for is e-bikes! While we are talking about e-bikes, there’s no doubt that the discussion about Rad Power Bikes will spring up! Fulfilling the main idea of electric bikes, the brand sets it straight to come up with ever so comfortable rides making it a point to touch every pain point. It is not just worried about your biking experience but also the amount you spend on it. To keep your expenses within reasonable boundaries, Rad Power Bikes are quoted at minimal rates.

rad ebikes

An electric bike as the name suggests is run by electric motors but however are not the same as your general motorcycles. The size and shape of the motor make these bikes require some kind of pedaling on part of the rider. They have rechargeable batteries that can run through anywhere between 25-45 km/h and have been in use since the late 19th century.

When I say, they use electric motors I mean they run on batteries and are absolutely environmental-friendly. These batteries are rechargeable and do not emit any combustive by-products, therefore your e-bike is a zero-emission vehicle! A recent study on the environmental impact of e-bikes vs other forms of transportation found that e-bikes are:

  • 18 times more energy-efficient than an SUV
  • 13 times more energy-efficient than a sedan
  • 6 times more energy-efficient than rail transit and, of about equal impact to the environment as a conventional bicycle

Apart from being a perfect fit for the environment, it does great benefits for you as well. Having a handful of physical movements while riding them keeps you healthy and compensates for the daily exercise routine!


rad power bikes review

Coming up with any brand always has a notable storyline as its base. No product of any organization is the birth of random thought-provoking. When dived into deeper, there is always an incident that marks its beginning. Similarly, the idea behind Rad Power Bikes sprouted as a means to reach high school. Mike Rodenbaugh founded the brand as an inspiration from when he created his first e-bike to come back and forth from college by an affordable transport means.

Established in 2015 by the trio – Mike along with his best friend Ty Collins and a fellow biker, this is a brand that focuses on just electric bikes. Their main aim seems to explore and expand the scope and reach of e-bikes in the market by introducing it to every customer possible.


rad rover bike

I know you are looking for firm reasons so as to invest their money strategically in the right place. Not just anything is worth the time, energy, and monetary value thus here’s a list of elements that makes these bikes your go-to option!

  • The choice of not diversifying certainly gives them an upper-hand in terms of expertise and quality.
  • They are known to last long as they are manufactured using savored attributes and fitted with durable and reliable elements.
  • These bikes use a direct drive motor which is responsible for greater wheel resistance.
  • The line-up of bikes launched is regularly updated thus there’s no doubt that Rad Power Bikes keep their customer on toes.
  • The design and build of the bikes are such that they can conveniently cater to multi-purpose usage ranging from adventure rides to free transport.
  • One might wonder how is quoting their bikes at an affordable range working for them. Well, with having no middlemen in between and delivering the product right to you directly, they reduce the costs considerably.
  • I might as well add that they are speed efficient for they move at 40 km/h without pedaling!
  • Always on the lookout to resolve your pain points, they make it a point to cover all that was missing from the first model in the next one that they design.

The Best Rad Power Bikes Reviews –

1. RAD ROVER 5 – “Most Popular”

rad power bikes

With a 4’5″ tire on both ends, the Rad Rover is sure to give you one hell of support. Another added advantage of having good quality huge tires is that you can take this beast anywhere and everywhere irrespective of however rough the terrain may be. You want to go hiking up the mountains or go driving in the snow, well this is your company! Rad Power leaves no stone unturned to present you with the best of what they have and thus every penny spent is worth the electric technology experience that it’ll provide.

Ever so smooth, the Rover comes with a big display of LCD speedometer, wattmeter, and battery gauge that make the readings easy, with light adjustments without you having to do any extra movement. The light switches are built right on top at a very accessible position along with an automatically accommodating night-mode for the front lights. To provide a comfortable riding exposure, the saddle is designed in a very intricate manner to give the maximum comfort and plush. Accompanied by a grip handle, it becomes all the more effortless to move the bike around.

Key Features:


Final Verdict-

Rad Rover 5 gives promising results and comfortable riding participation at $1499 which I suppose is quite justifying given the efficiency yielded. Though available in only one colour, the handlebars can be swivelled according to the height of the rider which is a plus.

Moreover, the pedals are of metal and this gives better support as compared to the ones in plastic, thus this will give better resistance while moving faster. Overall given the varied light options with clear displays and speed settings with the ample amount of charging time with respect to the battery eating 48V, I believe it to stand by the desired expectations of purchasing it.

2. RAD WAGON 4 – “Best Electric Cargo Bike”

rad power bikes reviews

Another one of the affordable Rad Power bikes, high-quality output available in $1599! An electric cargo bike, Rad Wagon has had recent touch-ups to bring advanced technology at your doorstep. These new additions are sure to provide extra strength and greater stability in terms of performance and resistance.

With the adjustable handlebars and new mounting points on the bike, riders can easily change and shift seats accordingly. This makes the bike suitable for children as well since the recreations enable child seats to be inserted as per requirement! Unlike the Rad Rover 5, this one caters to smaller and wider tires with a lower centre of gravity to support smooth riding on uneven surfaces. Along with these, the extensive range of gears and pedal control maintain the torque and speed authority.

The tires and adjustable seating are not the only features that make this little one stand out. It also has battery ridden brake lights that can be activated at any given point in time to provide better functioning. Built to carry riders up to a height of 6’4”, the Rad wagon focuses on a speed limit up to 20km/h to be well within the legal regulations.

Key Features:


Final Verdict-

As compared to the previous version of the Wagon, there are some sure-shot upgrades that make it a steal!

Available in three different color ranges – orange, white and black, it definitely gives a sportier look with the racks designed lower than before to accommodate the smaller and wider tires that give a lower center of gravity.

As far as the figures are concerned, it is very hefty and thus if you are looking to store it in an apartment, well that goes out of the window. Overall, it looks and feels good and is the right fir to replace your car if you are in the mood of something compact.

3. RAD ROVER STEP-THRU 1 – “Electric Fat Bike”

radpower bikes

Another electric fat e-bike, the step-thru is apt for but not restricted to a ride through the beach! It’s lavish and elegant build with the support of fat tires makes it perfect to carry any heavy load that you might want to – be it groceries or as much as a huge bag or briefcase. Speaking of the RadRover, the brand keeps up with its promise to deliver quality at a reasonable price with the best experience of advanced technology at your feet.

With adjustable seats and brake-activated lights, the step-thru misses its top tube breaking the stereotypes of fat bikes. Being a little out of the line the absence of those top tubes enables the bike to cater to the rider needs and fit well to whatever modification.

Along with a five-level assist pedal hub motor and a twist throttle on the handlebar, the speed is reflected effectively and there is an easy reach to the LCD display units to read the speed, watts, and battery charge. Considered to be North-America’s best selling e-bike, the RadRover Step-Thru perfectly blends easy riding with strength, power and durability.

Key Features:


Final Verdict-

I believe with the terrain gripping build and height that fits perfectly well with – Small package, big surprise!

This is what you are looking for inspiration case you need all the features and functionalities with the bike being more approachable. The fat tires and resistant brakes mark bumpy roads comfortably and give a reassuringly solid ride.


rad power bikes review

In need of a carefree and reckless ride?

The RadRunner Plus is what you want! An upgrade to the original RadRunner, an electric utility bike fit for low maintenance seeking users, this plus bike comes with accessories with which you can customize this kid to your heart’s content.

It comes with a suspension fork that makes the bumps smooth and a wide passenger package for you and your company to ride easily. Thus package can be swapped for a bag or a basket too.

The extra gears should make up for the efficiency and resistance on hills or any rough terrain. The pedals come with speed yielding which is sure to save up on the long travels. Available in a new silver-black combination, it is well reasonably quoted at $1699.

Key Features:


Final Verdict-

No other electric bike could provide a better comfortable experience, not just for the person riding the bike first-hand but also for the passengers.

Hence, it is a right catch if you are looking for flexibility during rides in terms of managing the handlebars, passenger packages, and light intensity.


rad ebike

This is one of the lineups of Rad Power Bikes quoted at the lowest price of $999 and yet the quality, design, and features have not been compromised with. Simple yet elegant, this bike is perfect for a ride around the town pointing towards free transporting. To give a touch of traditional bikes, the tires on these have been designed to be very narrow offering low resistance but utmost reliability. Super flattening and single speed-driven it promises the smoothest flight you have ever ridden.

The RadMission comes in two frames and is the lightest bike ever made by the brand in order to satisfy your pain point to carry it up a stair of flights and park a bike at home! It comes with a twist throttle on the handlebars and a level four assisted power train. A metro bike available in multi-colours – steel blue, black, and grey hopes to appeal to the masses.

Key Features:


Final Verdict-

Not a bike built for heavy-lifting or hauling cargo but a city bike for riders looking for commute in the minimal specs.

This e-bike could be thought of as a way to show how much the brand is committed to its riders and potential customers as it was designed specifically keeping in mind a lot of different aspects outside hike riding or adventure.

Seems like a good option to invest in if you are looking for an easy-go journey around the busy roads.

Factors To Be Considered While Purchasing a Rad Power Bike-

If buying an e-bike is next on your list and you are certainly inclined towards one of the Rad Powers, you may want to steer clear or keep in mind a few things before closing in on the deal.

rad rover bike

E-bikes are designed keeping in mind the varied reasons why riders would want to purchase them. Hence to be clear in your own headspace as to why you want an electric bike will definitely ease the decoding process.

You might wonder that after all, it is an e-bike and what difference does it make!

Well, the gears and motors used and built specifically for particular purposes and thus a bike that you might use for easy riding may not be the ideal one for mountain biking or other adventure routes.

Considering e-bikes have motors and gears to make your riding experience smoother, they still require a certain amount of pedaling effort on your part.

Now, how much of this effort needs to be put in again depends on the kind of bike you choose since the resistance is different in each brand.

If you don’t mind that extra physical activity, you may opt for a bike that has less motor contribution and vice-versa.

Motors are differently positioned in each bike and are differently designed as such.

Your normal motors that are placed on the pedals are sort of deemed to make slight noises while riding however the hub motors are the ideal ones to go for if looking for the maximum comfort and less noise.

However again, everything is not fit for anything and thus hub motorbikes are not the one for hill rides.

Trust me you want batteries that pull off for longer intervals and take absolutely less time to chargeback on.

Thus, what kind of battery your preferred e-bike has becomes a significant factor to settle on.

I am sure you don’t want your bike to leave you with nowhere to go in the middle of the terrain.

If not, then the distance yourself e-bike can cover with one charge of a battery is important to note before buying it.

This is probably one of the first elements of a consumer you look at.

Cost-effectiveness is an important factor to determine whether the product is worth that much penny or not.

Therefore, make sure to analyze the features and it’s proportion to the quoted price before you decide this is what you want.

Since Rad Bikes cater to direct delivery, it is possible that you might not get to see your bike before it arrives at your doorstep.

However, they have made a few test-drive locations going to resolve this problem.

Thus, make it a point to know if there is a test accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

First things first, turn off the battery. Now you may either keep the battery attached to the frame while charging or use the key port and unlock it for the same.

Second, remove the rubber cover on the charging port and then plug the charger into the battery.

Charge to whatever limit you want for the time and once done you are good to after unplugging it from the port and putting the battery in.

Yes, definitely.

What bike is complete without giving it your personal touch!

Rad Pertaining bikes have a section of accessories and replacement parts and you can check them out on their official website.

For the comfort and easy transactions, Rad Power Bikes accept payments from debit cards, credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover.

They also accept Amazon Pay.

Always at your disposal!

Sign in to their website or social media pages for regular notification.

Final Verdict

After looking through each model and the brand overall, I guess it is safe to say that it caters to all your needs and preferences depending on whatever purpose you may want an e-bike for. Since Rad Power Bikes believe in direct customer delivery, they use no middlemen or agencies to take action between the company and you.

This policy in turn reduces the costs of their lineups and guarantees no maiming on part of third parties. The same policy has many added advantages apart from reduced costs and lower risks. These include maintaining a healthy relationship with their clients. Direct communication helps in a few misunderstandings and greater productivity.

Though there’s one thing, riders are not always able to get a look at their bikes before they make the purchase. However, in order to hit this pain point, there are numerous test drive locations made available. The maintenance of this little beauty is your responsibility but again the brand leaves no efforts unturned as they carefully design their bikes such that servicing poses no issues.

To conclude, all I can say is this is a brand that comes up with upgrades and new e-bikes to add to their lineup in order to provide their audience with a wider choice and greater comfort.

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