Raleigh Bikes Reviews: Are they worth the hype?

raleigh bikes reviews

“Old is Gold”, the phrase suits almost everything. Just like a fine wine that tastes mesmerizingly amazing when it is aged, Raleigh has grown old with greatness too. To answer the question “if the company is really good?” Our Raleigh Bikes Reviews says Yes, it is every bit good.

The Raleigh Bikes Company was founded in 1885 by Woodhead and Angois. The company went under the management of Frank Bowden in 1888 and for the next several decades it enjoyed a monopoly in the market.

The founders of the company loved cycling and wanted to deliver the same pleasure to every person on this planet. Their motive was to serve the people the pleasure of riding a great and safe bike. Even though they are long gone, the company continues to preserve its motto.  

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Raleigh Bikes Company is an old and reliable brand. Their bikes have been performing outstandingly in the market for over a century. While today there are several competitors of the company, the company continues to work on serving their clients as their priority. The company makes supreme quality bikes induced with high-end features but keep them affordable for the people. Unlike its competitors, they do not believe in looting the consumer.

There are several options for bikes from the company available in the market. Here are the Raleigh Bikes Reviews of 4 of our favourite and top choices. You can pick your ideal one from the list.

1. Raleigh Bikes Alysa Women’s Urban Fitness Bike

With the trust of this legitimate brand, the Alysa Women’s Urban Fitness Bike comes with everything you would need. The bike is ideally designed for kids, especially girls. The bike is best for girls between 8 and 12 years of age. It is a gorgeous bike that attracts the eye of every young girl and they can also decorate the bike as per their wish.

The bike has a low frame built that helps the kids in getting on and off the bike easily. It also helps them maintain balance while riding as their feet can touch the ground. The body frame of the bike is made with aluminum that keeps the bike absolutely strong yet light on its weight. This helps a kid to get a hold of the bike faster without the fear of losing balance while riding because of the heavyweight of the bike.

The bike is equipped with alloy V brakes. These brakes help in keeping the ride smooth and protects from the sudden brake shock. The brakes allow the bike to stop smoothly without the rider experiencing a jolt. This also helps the rider in keeping the perfect control over speed without the risk of falling down or getting in an accident due to the lack of brake force.   

The bike comes packed up in a box that has to be assembled by the owner. The process may get a little complicated and take a good 4 to 5 hours. The assembler has to take specific care of the handlebar being aligned with the eyes of the rider.

Key Features:




The bike is comfortable, smooth to ride, safe from brake shocks, and reliable. The design and the built of the bike make it ideal for kids and adults.

2. Raleigh Bikes Redux Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bikes Redux Hybrid Bike is an absolutely gorgeous bike that uplifts the experience of biking for anyone. The stunning greenish-yellow color of the bike is an eye stealer that will bring a lot of compliments your way. The frame of the bike is built with lightweight aluminum. The material of the build keeps the bike very light and easy to handle.

The bike has thick foamed tires that provide supreme performance. The tires of the bike are compatible with all types of terrains. Be it gravel, concrete path, or jungle floor, the bike works just right in all the land types. The 8-speed shifts make it a great fit for all kinds of rides too. You can take the bike uphill, on a slope, on a speedy race, and even on a peaceful slow ride at a different speed. The bike can go as fast as 31MPH or even more on the topmost gear.

The assembling of the bike comes very easy and it does not take a lot of time. The bike is ideal for kids as well as adults too. Although it looks and even works similar to a mountain bike, it is not one. This makes it affordable and gives you the benefits close to a mountain bike. The seat of the bike gives a gel pad like comfort that makes it perfect for long rides too.

The only issue that one may face with the bike is the chipping of the paint. The paint might chip off or crack up in places. Apart from that, the bike has almost no other flaws.

Key Features:




Raleigh Bikes Redux Hybrid Bike is a treat to have. The stunning looks, comfortable seat, all-terrain compatible tires, 8-speed gear shifts, lightweight frame, and a lot more make this bike a great choice. Falling into the affordable price section, this bike is also very easy to assemble making it suitable for your efforts and pocket both.

3. Raleigh Bikes Cadent Hybrid Bike

This beautiful bike painted in blue is a treat to the eyes. The color of the bike is calming, attractive, and will make you a star in no time. The bike is ideally made for kids between 8 to 12 years of age. This is why it works best for people between the height of 53 and 61 inches. The bike is not a great fit for adults as it will be too short.

The frame of the bike is of lightweight aluminum that keeps the bike floating on the path. It glides through all kinds of surfaces including gravels and hard muddy pathways. The 7-speed gears also give an easy hand to the rider for uphill riding. The bike is fitted with Alloy V brakes that allow smoother stopping and safer ride.

While the bike has 7-speed gears, the top speed is not too high as the bike is designed for kids. The safety of the rider has been kept as the priority in the Raleigh Bikes Cadent Hybrid Bike. The bike has a low frame design for the rider to be able to get on and off easily. The saddle of the bike is adjustable and does not require any tools for adjusting. It is simple, tool-free, and fast. The tires of the bike are strong yet give comfort. The tires are suitable for multiple terrains both hard and rigid.

The bike is affordable and a steal deal with all the great features. The only glitch is that the handlebar of the bike is nonadjustable and too low. This means the rider will always have to hunch and lean forward just like on a mountain bike. This may not be ideal for all riders. 

Key Features:




Raleigh Cadent Hybrid Bike is a must-have. The bike is a great pick. The built and design of the bike is premium. The features are great and high end. And the price is extensively affordable in comparison to the features. This bike is a perfect pick for kids between 8 and 12 years.

4. Raleigh Bikes Talus

The last one of the Raleigh bikes reviews list is for Raleigh Bikes Talus. This high-end bike is induced with spectacular features. Built with an aluminum frame, the body of the bike can be customized. The body of the bike has three size options to choose from. With this, people get an advantage and they can choose the bike in their preferred size. It is perfect for people who are above 6ft of height too.

Talus bikes come with 3×7 speed gears that make it a great choice for every kind of land surface. Be it off-roading, be it a long ride on the highway, or even on a densely rigid ground, the bike works great on all. It is basically a regular bike that can run on for hours.

The bike is built with Tetra M275 hydraulic disc brakes that are extra powerful yet very smooth. It protects the rider from losing balance while applying brakes at a higher speed. The bike also has coil-sprung suspensions that eliminate the impact of bumps on the road. This makes riding the bike absolutely comfortable. The bike also has a great seat that provides comfort to the rider.

The bike is suitable for even the muddy terrains and slopes. It is a perfect bike for everyday use.

Key Features:




Raleigh Bikes Talus is a high end smooth bike that is built for people who love adventures every day. The bike can run on all kinds of terrains. It can accommodate people upto 6.5 ft in height. Has powerful hydraulic disc brakes and coil-sprung suspension to give a smoother and better riding experience. The bike is a value for money option.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Raleigh Bike:

raleigh bikes review

Raleigh Bikes Company is a century old brand that has earned the trust of millions of people over the years. But there are certain things to take care of before you decide to invest your money and time in one of its bikes. Here are some factors to look for before buying a Raleigh Bike.

Raleigh makes all kinds of bikes. The company manufactures mountain, urban, hybrid, triathlon, road, and electric bikes. Before choosing a bike, analyze your purpose and then go for the kind of bike that suits your purpose. Randomly picking any kind of bike may not be a great option when it comes to fulfilling the need you have with the bike. For example, an electric bike will not be an ideal choice if you wish to go on a trail ride. A mountain bike is the most suitable option for the purpose.

There are two kinds of brakes used in bikes, rim brakes, and disc brakes. Rim brakes are smooth brakes generally used in low end bikes used to ride on concrete roads for regular use. Disc brake gives a more powerful braking system and is thus suitable for faster and adventure bikes. Make sure you pick the right bike with the right brakes as per your need.

For the durability and stability of the bike, the material used for the frame is responsible. To make sure the bike you are investing your money in is providing stability with safety and durability, check the material used. In the present times, the companies prefer to go with aluminum as the material used because it has a longer life, it is lightweight, and provides stability to the frame.

Bikes come with a lot of gear options today. Some with a single gear, and some with multiple gears. While both the bikes are great, it is for you to choose which one is the best for you. Riding single gear bikes on muddy roads, uphill, and on rigid surfaces becomes very tough. At the same time, buying a bike with multiple gears to commute to work, school, or to buy groceries is not necessary.

The weight of the bike is yet again a very important factor to look for. If you wish to get a bike suitable for your fitness purpose, it should be average weighing. If you wish to take your bike on trails and rigid roads, it has to be a lightweight bike. If you get a heavy weighing bike for a young kid, he will not be able to manage it. Similarly, if you buy a very lightweight bike for a very heavy person, it will not be an ideal selection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

There is no ideal height of a bike. It depends on the user and their height. Buy a bike that is convenient for the user’s height.

Disc brakes are more powerful than rim brakes and can cause a loss of balance at times. But after some use, the rider gets a hold of it.

Both the bikes are different in use. Road bikes are simple, modest, cheaper, and for regular use. Mountain bikes are sporty, and mostly for adventures or long rides and races.

No the bike’s weight should be in the proportion of the reason for its use.

Yes, it can be done at home. Every bike comes with a manual that educates on how to assemble it. If not, there are several videos on YouTube that can help you with the same.

Final Verdict:

To sum up these Raleigh bikes reviews we would say that we have included the four best options the company has to offer. While there are several other bikes by the company that are equally great, we just picked our favorite 4 that are different from each other.

We hope you have found your ideal Raleigh bike on our list. All the bikes by the company are high-end bikes on low budgets to suit their customer. With its belief in serving the needs of the customer, the company has put in some incredible features with not so much incredible price on their bikes. Hope you get to pick your perfect Raleigh bike soon with the help of our Raleigh bike reviews

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