✅ Razor E300/E300S Seated Electric Scooter Review

5/5 Rating

Backed by the Razor brand, this unit screams quality from the moment you unbox it. Built with a large deck, this scooter is appropriate for both adults and teens (not recommended for children under 12). 

The E300S/E300 electric scooter from razor is a blast! Solid purchase for both girls and boys. Recommended age 12+ with a speed of 15 mph you’ll be out riding your friends in seconds. Blaze by them while comfortable sitting on the removable seat. Comes in colors of blue, gray and pink.

Affordable : 

Although this scooter is very affordable still if you feel it expensive, don’t let money ruin your kid’s happiness. You can use a credit card to purchase this electric scooter, credit card payment options are nowadays available to almost all stores worldwide.

Razor E300/E300S Electric Scooter Features -

What are the Pros and Cons?


15 mph is plenty fast for most people, and is guaranteed to get your heart pumping from excitement.

10 miles is more than sufficient for a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood, or a trip to work.

The included padded seat means that your comfort is guaranteed. Should you want to stand, it is removable!

Coming in around $250 this is an affordable fast electric scooter.


12 hours is a little long, so you may want to avoid completely draining the battery before charging it again.

At only 90 days, this isn’t the best we’ve seen. It’s enough, given the quality of the Razor brand and compared to other scooter brands.

Final Verdict !

When you’re looking for the best electric scooter for adults, be sure to take a look at the Razor E300 or E300S.  This electric scooter is sure to be fun for both adults and children, and the range guarantees that this unit is great for more than just fun. This scooter has many color options for both genders for girls this pink electric scooter model might be the most popular but it also comes in Black and Grey.

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