Razor E300s Seated Electric Scooter Review 2022

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Backed by the Razor brand, this unit screams quality from the moment you unbox it. Built with a large deck, this scooter is appropriate for both adults and teens (not recommended for children under 12). 

Do you remember the old-school kick scooters? Sure, you do, and we all thought it was the coolest-looking thing. However, after riding your bicycle, the scooter landed up in the corner, forgotten.

Electric scooters like the Razor E300S have changed the game. The Razor E300S seated electric scooter makes traveling from A to B easier and more fun than ever before.

It has many great features that make it one of the best electronic scooters on the market today. It delivers a high level of torque, has an impressive top speed a great braking system and a powerful battery.

In this Razor E300S review we take a deeper look into those features and see if this Razor electric scooter with seat is the right choice for you. Let’s get started!

Why is the Razor E300S so good? Well, it has a sturdier build than most e-scooters with impressive top speeds. The seat adds an extra dimension of comfort as you can ride this scooter for hours without any aches or pains.

Compared to most Razor electric scooters, the specifications on this are quite similar with the level of quality you can expect from the Razor brand. Sure, you can find models with a hub motor for longer rides, but this one is still chain-driven mounted on the rear. You can get about 40 minutes riding at a speed of 15 miles per hour. The majority of the time, mileage lands between 7 to 10 miles on a single charge.

This model comes with the twist-grip throttle for smooth acceleration and speed control. In addition, you get a rear handbrake, and it has 9-inch pneumatic tires in front and the back for traction, providing you a smooth ride.

The Razor E300S is a brilliant scooter that many people are going to love. We also thought it was brilliant value for money as it’s sure to stand the test of time. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the specs before looking at its features in closer detail.

Razor E300/E300S Electric Scooter Features -

Now, the Razor E300S seated electric scooter is one of the best models out there today. It is suitable for ages 13 years and older at an affordable price. In addition, the e-scooter delivers a good balance of functionality, distance, and speed.

When you look at the max speed of 15 miles per hour, it is not the fastest in the range yet remains one of the best electric moped rides. Now, we would not go and give it to a six-year-old, as the speeds might be too much even if they can handle it.

However, the high-torque chain-driven motor makes it similar to riding an e-bike, and replacing the internal parts if needed is easier. In addition, the power is enough for a pre-teen to enjoy riding down smaller hills or grass without any concerns. Another fantastic aspect is that the motor runs quietly.

You can comfortably stand on the footpad with the ample space available. Alternatively, if you feel that you want a relaxing ride, you can attach the seat as well. The deck provides enough distance between each leg to help improve stability when standing.

Where the Razor E300S shines is durability, as the build quality is exceptional. It has an all-steel frame with a fork to handle bumps with ease. Whether it is a teen or adult riding, it can hold up to 220 pounds making it a versatile scooter to have.

The downside is it is not foldable, and the weight of 43-pounds is fairly heavy. Nevertheless, to solve the problem, you can easily dismantle the handlebars for storing, but that still isn’t ideal for those looking for something portable and storable.

For sitting and riding, the seats are comfortably padded for longer rides. Therefore, you can easily commute with it to work or school. Furthermore, it has front and rear 9-inch pneumatic tires, efficiently handling bumps perfectly. For these reasons, it makes it the best all-around e-scooter available from Razor.

The Razor E300s can ride up to 10 miles or 40 minutes with continuous use. However, a negative is the long 12-hour charging time. That is quite a long time considering the runtime isn’t exceptional. It’s an important point for those wanting longer rides.

The e-scooter comes with a rear brake and is a good choice if you need to stop suddenly, preventing you from flying over the handlebars. Another great thing was added safety precaution when you activated the brake, the power to the motors cut bringing you to a stop.

In addition, the pneumatic tires provide exceptional grip on the road. You get a smoother ride with the air-filled tires and are very resilient against bumps. This makes the Razor E300S very easy to ride and this means a minimal chance of accidents.

Assembly is simple to do about ten minutes max. All you need to do is slide the handlebar post into the section provided that sits above the front wheel. Next, tighten the clamps securely to keep the handlebars in place. You can do this with the Allen wrench that comes with the scooter, and you’re ready to go scooting.

What are the Pros and Cons?



Who Should Buy the Razor E300s ?

razor electric scooter with seat

This Razor electric scooter with seat is made for anyone who wants an easy and convenient ride. Given the design, we would recommend it for the young crowd. Nevertheless, it does come down to your personal preference.

If you enjoy leisurely rides traveling around the neighborhood, sure, why not try it. However, if you want to use it to commute long distances, instead check out some of the other best electric scooters made for commuting.

Due to the seat and comfortable ride, we think that this is the ideal scooter for commuting to work. If you work around 5 miles or under from home then you can ride to and from work and then charge it overnight for the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s the Difference Between the E300 and E300S?

The only difference is the E300S comes with a seat to use sitting or freestanding. Both share the same specs, but the E300S offer you a bit more versatility.

  • Do You Get a Warranty with the E300S?

Yes, it comes with a 90-day guarantee no matter from whom you buy the e-scooter from. We were impressed by the durability and think it’s a warranty that you’re unlikely to ever need but it’s there if you need it.

  • Are There Replacement Parts Available?

Yes, you can find the replacement parts available as it is a global brand and accessible if needed. They are fairly easy to replace so maintenance is quite low.

  • Do You Get the Razor E300S Owner’s Manual?

Yes, you do and should receive it with your purchase but if not, get it here. It’s always important to read it over before you get on the scoter to ensure that you are staying safe and comfortable at all time.

  • How Long Does the Razor E300s Battery Charge?

It takes about 12-hours to charge fully, and you will notice the light on the charger turning green. This is fairly long but if you only need to use your e-scooter for 40 minutes or under per day, then it’s easy to charge overnight.

  • Can I Trust the Razor Brand?

Yes, Razor is a worldwide leader when it comes to scooters and is a famous household name. The company has received multiple awards and designs different electric scooters to get you outdoors in the fresh air to have some fun. We are big fans of Razor, and they provide a consistent quality product and are vital for us when selecting the best e-scooters.

Final Verdict !

We like the Razor E300s seated electric scooter for many reasons. First, while it is not one of the advanced electric scooters, it remains an excellent option for teens and adults. In addition, the mid-range scooter is an excellent buy if you have never ridden a scooter before.

You get a reliable e-scooter packed with safety in mind while still providing you a thrill when riding. So if you are in the age category of 13 and above, you will enjoy fun times riding the Razor E300S. You can get a good couple of miles on a single charge. We also recommend investing in a horn and some reflectors with a clip-on LED light for added safety.

It has a durable construction, with chunky tires, safe, and fixable chain-driven motor making them at the top of the game in e-scooters. Overall we were very impressed with the Razor E300S and it’s a scooter that we’d highly recommend.

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