Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

razor mx350 review

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“The Razor MX350 is made for kids and is super safe. MX350 dirt bike can be great to start off as a beginner and learn at a very early age how to ride bikes.”

razor mx350

Your kid deserves to have some fun and nothing can be better than getting a dirt e-bike. It may sound all dangerous at first, but the Razor MX350 is made for kids and is super safe. Dirt Bikes have become very popular over the years and not only children but adults are loving them too.

This razor mini dirt bike is everything you have been looking for or must have thought of when you first heard about it. It is just like any other e-bike but yes Razor MX350 has been designed in a manner that passes the basic idea of safety and security. The bike is made for children with 13+ years of age and above. These are not only limited to rides on the road but serve the best when ridden off-road. It is made of steel completely and has a hand brake so that you can control your speed.

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Well, giving your child the mx350 dirt bike can be great to start off as a beginner and learn at a very early age how to ride bikes the safest way possible. While starting with, it will require basic assistance but they will learn gradually. As we said, it is geared up for some dirt off the road and the large 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires are made of it. Anyone with a weight of around 150 pounds can ride the bike very comfortably. Furthermore, with a max speed of 14mph, you can make the best use of it.

Let us get on with the specification and the features to know more about this razor electric dirt bike.


Razor MX350 Features

The Razor MX350 has been designed to keep all the modern electric bikes in mind so that the kids can feel the same power while riding the mini version of it. In fact, the color combination fits in itself perfectly well with the design and your child will love every aspect of it. Like we had said earlier, the bike is made of steel and there have been few touches of plastic as well on them that are highly durable for every circumstance.

You will mostly find the e-bike in blue color which is very popular and has been loved by everyone who has bought this. Even the seats are padded and stitched in the best quality so as to give your child a high level of comfort. You might have noticed the big wheels that are especially out up so that the ride is safer on the most difficult terrains.

Since this is a kids’ bike meant for children above the age of 13. Hence the speed has been kept at a number that is safer yet adventurous too. You can enjoy a top speed of 14mph on the dirt rocket mx350. It does sound a little too low but the powerful 350-watt electrical motor works a lot better than most of such dirt bikes. This motor gives a powerful result but a rather silent one.

As we speak of the overall performance of the bike, everything about it has quality. You are going to love how the tough frame and build quality has set up a benchmark for other brands. It can easily carry a weight of about 140 pounds which is incredible. Also, the twist-grip throttle makes it very easy to control in every aspect. With the increase in speed, the bike may need some extra care and hence it has been designed in a way so that your child can handle it easily.

Once you receive the bike from the e-commerce store, you may now have to assemble the parts after which you will be able to take it for a spin. If at all you are unable to understand anything, you can call anyone from the brand to help you out with it. Also, the entire bike does not need to be put up together. The package has been provided with proper instructions and manual and you can use them to assemble your bike.

Apart from this, keeping a child’s safety in mind, the company has taken proper measures and made sure that it is safe in every aspect. With the proper grip, your kid can hold on to the handles so that they do not fall off. Also, the speed isn’t a lot as compared to adult bikes so that it is easier to handle especially since teenagers will be riding on them. Also, the frame is pretty strong, and build quality is very durable.

One of the most important aspects of such bikes is the fact that they run on battery power. The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike runs on a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid battery. These are highly reliable and rechargeable. You need to charge them every day for a certain period of time before you can take it for a ride. Once you are done assembling, you may have to charge it for at least 12 hours at a stretch for a complete charge.

After you have completed the charge on your bike, it can go for about 30-60 minutes at a stretch. It is not a lot but good enough. A lot of users prefer buying an extra battery since it takes time to charge that will help you get extra hours of the ride. Make sure you do not overcharge the battery since it may reduce the life of the overall battery. If you are thinking of gifting someone, you can pre-charge the battery so that it is ready to be ridden on.

All the major features we have already come across so let us see what we have left to know more in the razor mx350 review. The seats are very comfortable and you can have a smooth ride every time. It weighs about 70 pounds which isn’t very lightweight and something that you can carry around with you. Instead, use the steel frame kickstand to park it in your garage or where you have space.

The hand-controlled brakes are pretty comfy too and work out for the best in every case. It will help your kid to control the speed if anything goes out of hand. These brakes are highly efficient and stop the bike immediately with a little force. We also noticed that the lower the weight of the rider, the faster it will run on the road. Furthermore, the brand gives about 90 days of warranty so that you can replace any part of anything that goes out of hand.

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What are The Pros and Cons ?



Why should you buy the Razor Dirt Bike MX350

Anyone whose kids loved to ride bikes or are fascinated by the idea behind them, it is the best gift one can get. Your kid will love it and bring them a sense of adventure too. The razor mx350 is our favorite and the best dirt bike for kids. As compared to other e-bikes in the market, it is pretty affordable as well and anyone who has set up a budget enough for this can surely buy it.

Well, if you are not very sure about your kid being able to ride on it, you need not worry. It can carry a weight of about 140-150 pounds and give you a smooth ride. Furthermore, you will love the padded seats, big tires, etc. This could be the best gift you can give to your kid for the birthday, Christmas, or simply any occasion and there could never be anything better than this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Razor MX350 is an electric-powered dirt bike that has been designed for kids. It has been made to be used for off-road rides and difficult terrain. It has the power to go for about 14 miles per hour at the most. It cannot go beyond that level since it may not be suitable for the kids. This bike had kept safety their priority and hence keeping the speed at the minimal level is the best for everyone.

Once you have started using the bike, for instance, it can go for about 30-60 minutes in a single charge. However, with the course of time, the battery life may decrease. All the other parts may remain as it is but you may have to buy another battery within 3-5 years. The overall cost of the battery may not be a lot to spend money, hence you can get one for yourself easily.

Yes, Razor dirt bikes are the safest among all you would ever come across in the market. If you are concerned about the safety of your child, buying the Razor MX350 might be the best for you. With the help of twist throttle and the dual-disc handbrakes, it becomes a lot easier to handle the bike that one would have thought of. In fact, the handlebar is pretty much adjustable and even comfortable to ride with.

Final Verdict

Well, Razor MX350 is undoubtedly one of the best dirt bikes available for the kids. It is not too expensive but you need to have a good budget if at all you wish to add more to it. Every feature has been built in a manner such that it provides the utmost safety and security. With decent top speed and amazing tires, there is no chance of flipping over at all.

Furthermore, the build quality and the steel frames are superb to hold on while riding on the difficult terrains. This bike is meant for every teen at the age of 13 or above. However, users with the age below tattoo have been able to ride on it with ease. However, make sure that the weight of the rider does not exceed the max range, or else it may not run as smoothly as it should. Other than if you have any doubt regarding the razor mini dirt bike, do let us know in the comment section below.

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