Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

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“Along with comfort and proper control, the battery life is superb and lasts about 40 minutes to 70 minutes of ride time..”

razor mx500 reviews

With so many options in the market, it is not easy to get the best dirt bike for your kid. But we did our research and got an amazing one for you. With proper review and analysis, Razor MX500 came out to be one of the best we have ever seen and probably has stunning results. If you are worried about the safety aspect, make sure to check out each and every point we have mentioned here.

Razor MX500 is an exceptional Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike. We have previously reviewed the truly amazing Razor MX350 and everything about it. This is simply a much better and upgraded version of the previous model with exciting new features and a lot more to give to its riders. Everything about this bike speaks to power and quality. From its motor to its steel frame, all of it has the best quality and output that you witness in adult direct bikes.

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Along with comfort and proper control, the battery life is superb and lasts about 40 minutes to 70 minutes of ride time. It does take a lot of time to charge fully but gives a great ride all along on the difficult terrains. Razor electric dirt bike mx500 has the capacity to give a top speed of about 24km/h which is incredibly good. It is a perfect companion for teenagers age 14 years and above. It is necessary to maintain the age gap since this bike is for kids and safety is the most important aspect.


Razor MX500 Features

The Razor MX500 has been designed to meet every rider expectation since it is a mini version of the adult dirt bike. Well, it has been made of a good quality steel frame so that you get a strong structure while you take it for a ride on difficult terrains. It looks professional and the build quality is pretty strong overall. You can perform as many stunts as would like on the bike.

The overall design and looks matter since this bike will be used by kids and teenagers who are more into looks than simply just any other feature. It has been designed with the help of an Authentic dirt bike frame geometry that makes all the features look more prominent and stunning. You will see all the vibrant color combinations on it such as White, Black, Red, etc that makes it look even more powerful. Your kids will adore this bike and will be their favorite thing once they start riding on it.

MX 500 razor dirt bike runs on a powerful 500 Watt motor that gives this bike the necessary power to ride along some of the difficult situations. It has been driven by a chain that makes the bike achieve incredible speed. Not only this, but the torque is high and speed is decent as well. With the help of this bike, you can easily receive a top speed of about 15mph which is not too fast, and have a safe ride no matter your age.

Furthermore, the best aspect of this bike and the motor is that you can surely expect a quiet operation. Well, we did our test and were very impressed by how the motor did not make any noise and your children can have a peaceful time with the bike of their dreams.

The razor dirt bike MX500 is known and bought mostly because it is environment friendly and runs on a powerful battery. It is not only great to provide backup but also charges quickly then takes a lot of time overall i.e 12 hours. However, using the amazing razor dirt bike MX500 it will only take up 8 hours to charge. While can enjoy the 40 minutes of your life or even more,

The only issue is that all these bikes take up an entire day to get charged and the output is pretty low as well. It is believed that with everything going well, you can get to have better speed with the bike. It has been kept so since your child may not be able to handle any more than this.

To start with, the company allows only 14+ years of kids to ride the bike on the road or try out stunts with it. However, as we spoke to how the MX350 Razor is driven by the kids below the certified age and it did work out fine if you are paying proper attention. With the variable speed and superb build quality, your kid too can get to ride the bike no matter the age.

However, you have to make sure you do not lose sight of your child as it can get dangerous if safety precautions are not met. On the other hand, anyone with a weight capacity of 175 pounds or lower can get on the most comfortable seats and ride on with it. Also, this bike weighs 112 pounds which is a lot hence you cannot carry it with you anywhere.

Well, the most important features of the bike include the incredible high-quality tires that make the bike as a whole. It has large 16-inch front and 14-inch rear pneumatic tires that bring stability to your rides. If you are able to ride on the most difficult terrain, it is only made possible due to the big tires that are made especially for dirt bikes either be it for adults or kids.

We also have dual suspension and adjustable riser handlebars for a smooth and comfortable ride. It is important to have good control and grip on the handles so that it becomes easier to make the turns and also control the speed while being on the bike. Furthermore, depending on the height of your kid, you can adjust the handle so that it is the most comfortable at all times.

The razor dirt bike mx500 has everything you need. By everything, we mean a quiet and powerful motor, comfortable handlebars, stable tires, perfect battery, and amazing design. But apart from this, to have good control of the bike’s speed overall, the hand-operated dual disc brakes serve the purpose. You can increase the acceleration with the help of Twist-grip acceleration control on the handlebars. Also, it has a double crown fork, retractable kickstand, and folding metal footpegs too.

The main concern for any parent when it comes to buying a dirt bike for their kid starts with the safety issue. Well, to make sure that you are completely satisfied and assured that this is indeed safe, the Razor MX500 Dirt bike makes it their priority more than anything else for all its bikes. The structure has been so designed that it can tolerate any jerks while you are on it. In fact, the brakes are very powerful and stop or slow down immediately so that you can be secure. However, make sure to give your kid proper safety gear such as helmet, knee pads, etc to be precautious.

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Who Should Buy the Razor Dirt Bike MX500?

The real question pops up to “Who Should Buy The Razor Dirt Bike MX500?”. In our opinion as per the razor mx500 reviews, anyone who is looking to have an adventure and give their kids the best time of their life must go for razor mx500. In fact, it is affordable as well and completely safe. A lot of [parents do worry about the fact that bikes can be dangerous for any child. However, the one designed by Razor has been made with the utmost precision.

You should buy this dirt bike so that your child can get some adventure sports and also it works perfectly well as a Christmas present or a Birthday surprise. There isn’t anything better that your kid would have hoped for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The process to charge Razor MX500 is as simple as it sounds. Once you receive the package and you are done assembling, make sure to look for the charger inside. Every customer has been provided with one. Now, look for the socket in your bike and plug it in. Similarly, now plug the charger to the socket in your house. It is similar to charging your phone. However, it will take about 8-10 hours for a full charge.

It is even recommended to not completely let go for the entire charge so that it can pick up where you left off quickly. The charging process is pretty hectic so you can always get a spare battery as well if you have the money to get some extra life to the bike.

Well, it is not recommended to ride any electric scooter or bike in the rain. Yes, with little rain the issue might not be huge, but with heavy rain, if any of the battery components gets wet, it can ruin the system. Make sure to keep them parked in your garage or any place where you can find proper shade. To keep them clean as well do not completely wash them with water rather it is better to wipe them.

The Razor MX500 has 3 batteries of AGM- SP12-12 (12 V 12 AH). You can keep them charged and get an output of only 40-60 minutes of ride time, They do take about 8 hours to charge which can be a little frustrating at times having to wait for the battery to charge with only a little ride time. Also, keep the battery away from water as it can ruin the circuit system.

Final Verdict

Here is everything that you should know about the Razor MX500 Dirt Bike. The above review covers every specification, feature, and aspects of the bike so that you need not look around the web for more information. However, if you are not satisfied and looking for more, you can always head over to their official site that has the most accurate information altogether.

We have no doubt that the Razor MX500 is an excellent looking bike with the use of the best colors you would want in your bike. With the first look, it speaks out to you and then you cannot resist but have to buy it. Also, the motor is powerful and very quiet that makes it even more favorable for kids and parents too. Other than that, we loved how the charging time has been brought down in this model and it takes about 8 hours which isn’t very less but as compared does gives it an edge.

If you have any more queries regarding this dirt bike, you can let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have one already, do let us know what you think about it and how was your experience so that others who are looking to buy one can get a more realistic approach. Speaking of the cost of the bike, if you have been collecting money to buy a good bike, this is the one to go for without a second thought. 

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