Rion Electric Scooter Review: The Ultra Lightweight & Fastest

rion scooter

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rion scooter

Not many passionate motorheads give a nod to the idea of investing in an electric scooter considering it is a waste of resources to buy such a piece of junk. However, the latest entry of Rion Scooters in the market has changed the norm. Today, even the most reputable motorhead will recommend you to go ahead and buy this amazing electric go-ped and enjoy a safe and fun ride. Why so? What is so different about this scooter? What have I been missing? If these are the questions popping up in your mind, this post is the right place to spend some time reading.

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Rion Scooter is one of the best Carbon Fiber Electric Scooters in the world which stands second to none in terms of performance. Befitted with groundbreaking technology and top-notch design elements, Rion Scooter has made a revolutionary entry in the electric vehicles market. Those investing in this limited offer e-scooter are warranted to have a ride they have never experienced before, thanks to the matchless performance and credibility of this scooter.
The scooter is an incredible innovation of Gal Hagoel, the founder of Rion and is designed and created to break the genre’s stereotypes. From carbon fiber monocoque to aluminum subframes, and hydraulic Shimano brakes, this e-scooter is the ideal ride you must have dreamt of.


Rion is a very lightweight and user-friendly e-scooter designed and manufactured to deliver top-level performance. The specs include:

Rion Scooter Features

So, Rion Motors is a company in the US that develops and manufactures e-scooter. The company has been in operation since 2014 and today has several Rion Scooters in the market. If you are confused as to which model we are reviewing today, let us be clear that Rion Motors have launched several e-scooters in the market but only with the variations of features. The basic frame design of all the Rion Scooters is the same. So, we in the feature section, let us incorporate all the models together and present the best of the features of Rion Scooters on the table:

rion scooter

When it comes to power, Rion scooters are probably overloaded. They have more power than the user can consume in most cases. Whatever the speed you aspire, the Rion scooter has enough power to push you to the limits. As Rion markets its e-scooter as racing scooter primarily, they have worked on the power aspect and befitted the machine with great motor and battery. 

If you’re still not convinced, check out these electric scooters: the Mercance Widewheel and Qiewa Q1 Hummer, which only scooters that have the same power as Rion Scooter.

The Rion Family has e-scooters that have motors labeled 12,000W and even 19,000W. If you haven’t tried riding an electric scooter with a motor before, you must not pick Rion Scooter for your first ride. Handling this much motor power won’t be easy for a novice rider. However, you always have a chance to invest in a 5000W model and try your luck with speedy driving with a safety cover.

When you are riding a deadly combination of great motor power and lightweight body, you rely on the brakes for your safety. Yes, Rion understands your concern and comes with a high-end braking system. The Rion scooter is equipped with dual Shimano XT M8000 Disk Brakes. You can put your racing scooter to a stop with little efforts, thanks to the 4-piston hydraulically controlled braking system in Rion scooters.

Comfortability always remains at the top of the mind of a buyer. About Rion, it is common knowledge that the scooter has a shaky suspension system. However, due to the absence of the suspension, this scooter is way too comfortable to ride, provided you know how to pick the best path. From a spacious deck to accommodate both your feet to a long enough body that allows you to maintain your balance even during top-notch speed, this scooter has a design made with very good consideration for the rider’s comfort.
The comfort factor of the handlebar is equally impressive. The scooter has a wide handlebar which allows you to have better control over the high-speed scooters. This is one unique feature of Rion Scooter as most of the scooters in the market feature a narrow handlebar. From the grip to the length and the stability, every aspect of the handlebar promoted the user’s comfort level.

For those who evaluate comfort from the availability of a seat, we must be clear that an electric scooter meant for racing has no use of a seat. So, that’s not a criterion to evaluate in the first place.

Let us address the elephant in the room. The suspension of Rion Scoter has always been criticized by experts. It is common knowledge that a fast scooter must have a stiff suspension but Rion does not seem to believe in this theory. Instead, the company believes that harder suspension actually makes it tough to handle the scooter when riding at high speeds. So, the Rion scooters have stiff rear suspension but at the front wheel, there is no suspension system.

Yes, it is an important aspect of reviewing a product and we will address it. Rion Scooters are simply fab. They look very modern and made for the future type. Designed by the most futuristic designers, this scooter has an amazing gray color palette and minimalistic design features that make it stand out of the lot. The design of this scooter resembles the two beast from the House of Dualtron – “Dualtron Ultra” and “Dualtron Thunder“. 

The carbon fiber material gets the credit for the exquisiteness of this scooter. With the mention, here are a few things you must know about Carbon Fiber material:

Carbon Fiber is a revolutionary material but it has a few limitations as well. If you are purchasing anything made from Carbon Fiber, there are a few things that you must keep in mind:

·   It is a material very sensitive to temperature and if the mercury rises above 65c / 150F, it becomes less resilient. It is recommended to limit its exposure to direct sunlight for long hours.
·   When humidity and temperature combine, the effects worsen.
·    If you are planning to add a seat on the Rion scooter, you must not as drilling a hole in the carbon fiber is not recommended.

Rion is the most portable e-scooter in the market – the end of the story. Weighing just 18 kgs, this scooter can be easily folded and carried along wherever you go. As soon as you hit the right road, just unfold it and ride it to your destination. Again, the lightweight feature is a deliverable of carbon fiber construction which is a material way lighter than most conventional materials like aluminum and steel alloy, used for manufacturing e-scooters.

Secondly, the battery installed in the Rion Scooter is pretty small and does not add to its weight and hence the higher portability.You can easily adjust the stem or fold the handlebar and this e-scooter becomes very compact for you to carry along.

As we mentioned above, the battery fitted in this e-scooter is very compact measuring 18Ah. This means that the range of this scooter is limited and you won’t get to enjoy long rides on it. But, if you really can’t live without a long ride on this scooter, you can utilize the 5A charger that comes with this scooter which has the capacity to recharge the battery to full in a few hours.  

You will miss the bell, light and LCD/LED light on the handlebar of this e-scooter. The handlebar has a minimalistic look with just two brake levers, a thumb throttle and a phone holder. However, the key feature that will sway your heart away is Rion’s Applications.

The scooter can be connected with our phone via Bluetooth and you can access a range of information including current speed, ride, distance, battery level, driving modes options and more.

What are The Pros and Cons ?



Who Should Buy the Rion Scooter?

Rion scooter is one of the most futuristic e-scooter available in the market. From construction to design and features, it is one e-scooter that is worth its price and image in the market. If you are wondering whether or not you should buy it, we recommend you go with your driving preferences.

Undoubtedly the scooter is a great one. But, if you have no experience of riding an e-scooter, the Rion Scooter is certainly not for you. In fact, there are chances that even a professional would find it tough to manage this scooter when at high speed. Of course, the high power motor plays its role impeccably and hence the speed is high.

Secondly, if you are a fan of long rides, this scooter again may deceive you. The battery fitted in the scooter is compact and hence does not power your long rides effectively.

But, if you have good control over speed, love minimalistic design features, and want an amazingly lightweight and highly portable e-scooter, the Rion Scooter is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Rion Motors delivers the fastest electric scooters in the market. The top models of the company include RION2 RE60, RION2 RE70, RION2 RE90 RACING, etc.

Well, carbon fiber is a material that has its own limitations but ample of benefits. Depending upon the aspect of evaluation, carbon fiber can be efficient or a vulnerable element. If you know how to maintain it, it is the best material for scooter construction.

There is a range of factors to consider while buying an e-scooter, including range, speed, portability, durability, price, comfort, built and accessories.

Well, they aren’t very pocket friendly. The average price starts from $4000 and goes as high as $7500.

Final Verdict

Rion Scooters deliver great speed, user-friendliness and comfort. There is a range of Rion Scooter models available in the market and each one has its own deliverables. One thing that is most striking about Rion Scooters is that the basic body of the scooter is the same, just the features are different. Termed as the fastest e-scooters as well as the Bugatti of e-scooters, Rion Electric scooter is a worth buying vehicle to enjoy great speed and ultra-controls.

If you are considering buying these scooters for your daily commute, they aren’t the best fit. These scooters are made for racing and one who has experience in handling the speed must buy it.

They are also expensive enough to become out of reach for a common man.

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