Electric Scooter Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries (2022 Guide)

scooter safety tips

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Electric scooters have reinvented urban transportation. They offer convenience and decrease traffic congestion. Despite this, there are risks involves which is why scooter safety is so important. This is especially true with e scooters, as they are new.

With the higher speeds, it’s vital that riders know about electric scooter safety. They have many of the same dangers as cyclists with reckless drivers, slippery road conditions and bad weather. 

This is why we wanted to come up with some key scooter safety tips so that you can stay safe out there. Once you’ve read this, then you should be a lot more confident about your e-scooter safety. 

Best Scooter Safety Tips:

Wear an ASTM F1952 Helmet:

While you may be confident riding your scooter, you never know what dangers are around the corner. So how do you prepare yourself for those unforeseen accidents? Wearing the proper safety gear is always going to give you a high level of protection. 

The truth is that most of the serious injuries caused by electronic scooter riding are to your head. While it’s generally not a legal requirement, you should always wear a helmet. When you wear an ASTM F1952 or CPSC certified helmet, it significantly reduces your chance of severe trauma.  

For riding fast, we recommend wearing a full-face helmet to protect not only your chin/jaw but your whole face. 

Get Your Eye Protection On:

Yes, we know you have now bought a helmet and feel it’s enough but it might not be, your eyes need protection as well. If you have a helmet with a visor, then great, but if not, we recommend you invest in a good eye covering. 

Imagine traveling at high speed, and you ride into a swarm of bugs. What happens? They get into your face and your eyes, irritating them, and it becomes dangerous. On a bicycle, you are much more stable and can ride on-handed. This isn’t the case with an e scooter. 

The first thing you do is remove your one hand from the handles trying to get rid of them. This is where another electric scooter safety comes to mind. Always keep both your hands on the handlebar. 

Traveling at high speed removing your hands can lead to a hard fall. With glasses on, you need not remove these critters using your hands and only need to clean your glasses when you stop. Furthermore, it also keeps the blinding sun out of your eyes. 

Equip Your E-Scooter with Proper Lights: 

The majority of electronic scooters do not have the correct lighting. So, think about how you can see in low-light conditions or when riding at night. You want to be able to see the road ahead and want motorists to see you as well.

You may have lights on the front but how much illumination does it provide you on the road? We recommend you invest in external ones providing more lumens you can attach to the handlebar. An excellent tip is to face the headlight downwards to prevent blinding oncoming traffic to keep everyone safe. 

Attaching taillights can also help and need not be as bright and clearly show your position on the road. Is your taillight close to the ground? Then invest in another one you can equip to a shirt or backpack.

This is one of the scooter safety tips that you may feel doesn’t apply to you if you always ride around in light conditions. The reality is that you never know when you’ll get caught out in the dark and having lights attached is always a good backup plan. 

Always Inspect Your E-Scooter Before and After a Ride: 

Any type of motor-powered vehicle needs an inspection before a ride. You want it to perform at its best on the road. So before getting on your ride, check the tire pressure, folding mechanisms (are they firmly in place), and make sure the brakes work. 

For a weekly inspection, make sure the bolts are tight and have no bent brake discs. When your scooter works optimally, it keeps you safe from accidents on the road. However, you do not want to be traveling fast and one of those loose bolts/screws comes loose. 

Neither do you want to need to stop only to find you do not have any brakes available. With it being such a cheap and easy mode of transportation, it’s easy to look past these scooter riding tips but there could be serious consequences if you do. 

A lot of the electronic scooters sold today can go very fast and a failure at top speed would be very hard to control. Inspecting your scooter often will dramatically reduce the chances of something going wrong while you’re riding. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Road:

Yes, we know it sounds obvious. So why do we say this? You are traveling, enjoying the view observing what’s around you. The truth is this applies to everyone on the road. Your eyes can be off the road for a second, and the unforeseen happens. 

Try to remove this habit even when riding your e-scooter. Remember, your wheels are small with limited suspension. You can hit a hole or a bump in the road, wiping you out landing beside the road. The likeliness is you travel in urban areas with people unexpectedly crossing the street. 

So always, observe the traffic to think ahead what can happen. The same applies when you need to turn. Slow down first before turning back to see if you can turn and keep those eyes on the road. 

Learn How To Ride Properly:

Electronic scooters are powerful things and you shouldn’t go near those top speeds until you’re fully comfortable with how they should be ridden. If you’ve ever used a regular scooter or ridden a bicycle, this does give you some good base knowledge.

To be comfortable on an electronic scooter, you need to learn the art of leaning into a corner rather than using your handlebars. This will allow you to turn much more smoothly and avoid accidents. A dramatic handlebar bar at high speeds would lock the front wheel and throw you off.

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You should also spend time practicing your braking techniques too. When it comes to an emergency, you want to have the knowledge and skill to brake as effectively as you can. This involves shifting your weight back and down when you are braking.

This allows you to get maximum power from your front brake without any fear of skidding or going over on the handlebars. If you’re unsure of techniques then make sure to practice them away from any pedestrians or vehicles. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make my e-scooter safe?

Some of the best electronic scooter safety tips are to wear your helmet and protective gear. Wearing your helmet prevents brain injuries if you do become dockless. You can also make your scooter safe by installing a better light system and also giving it regular inspections. 

Are electric scooters unsafe to ride?

The answer is no but it all depends if you follow the rules of the road and safety tips mentioned above. Whether it is a bicycle, running, driving a car or flying on an airplane, all modes of transportation have their dangers. E-scooter safety is vitally important to keep the risks as low as possible. 

Can I ride my e-scooter without my helmet?

The laws regarding this are going to be down to your state or local authority, so it’s best to check up on them before you ride out. Even if you’re not legally required to wear a helmet, it’s something that we’d highly recommend. This is even more important on high-powered electric scooters. 

Should I buy a motorcycle or scooter?

The scooter is easier to learn to ride than a motorcycle. Furthermore, your e-scooter is more fuel-efficient with better manoeuvrability and cheaper. There are fewer laws and tests to worry about and they are much simpler to own. If you don’t need the power of a motorcycle, a scooter is a great alternative. 

Is using a scooter faster than when you walk?

The average walking speed is three miles per hour, and when you jog, it is five miles per hour. When you use a scooter, will travel around seven miles an hour. Most e-scooters can go much, much faster than this and are much faster than walking.  

Final Verdict:

Following these scooter safety tips is vital. You need to be aware of your surroundings and treat your scooter and those around you with the respect they deserve. You have the potential for bad accidents on e-scooters so precautions should always be made. 

If you follow these scooter safety tips then there is a great chance that you will have an enjoyable ride and love all the benefits you get from riding them. Good luck out there and remember to stay safe.

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