10 Scooter Tricks To Impress Your Friends [2022]

scooter tricks

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Humans are a hyperactive creative species. Physically engaging in activities makes us go crazy. There is no better way for humans to have fun than to engage in physical activity. Humans are bound to have fun, making sure we find a way to do it no matter what. Be it a dreadful work meeting, or an energized summer day, we make sure we have fun in some way or another.

The electric scooter is the new trend in town. The vehicle that was once considered a toy for kids is a practical vehicle for adults today. It can be used to solve any transportation problem nearby and gives a very comfortable ride. As much as it is practical to use, it also allows the rider to have a lot of fun.

Performing tricks while riding a scooter can prove to be the most joyful experience you have in the day. It is not just amusing for the rider but also for the people watching the rider. If you own a scooter and use it just to ride to work, you are doing it completely wrong. It is a fun vehicle and deserves to be had fun on.

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Now, we understand you can be new to riding a scooter or you may have never done scooter tricks on it before. Do not worry; we are right here to help you out. Do not try a trick on your own before thoroughly learning how to do it or you can end up hurting yourself. Also, make sure your scooter is a trick-performing scooter or you may manage to break and ruin it. So here are some great scooter tricks one can perform after learning and have so much fun. Also, make sure you have your protective gear like helmets, elbow pads, and knee guards while learning these tricks because getting hurt is not fun.


Pro Scooter Tricks:

Bunny Hop:

Hopping is something that comes naturally to humans. But it takes a little effort to hop when you are on a scooter. This scooter trick is called bunny hop where the riders hop along with the scooter. The trick is simple to understand. Start riding the scooter the normal way. Now keep both your feet on the deck of the scooter. Tighten your grip on both handlebars. Now bend slightly to gather a little strength and balance. Now simply hop and take the scooter along with you in the air. In a few attempts, you will master the trick.


No Footer:

Just like its name sounds, this trick involves no foot. Yes, no footer demands no foot be kept on the deck. This trick is a jump that the rider makes while riding a scooter. How to perform the trick? It is very simple. Keep a tight grip on the handlebars with both your hands. Now count to 3 and jump. Make sure your body does not lose its balance. This may take a couple of repeats for you to get good at the trick. All you have to do is keep your balance and jump to a comfortable height.



Nollie is an advanced version of the bunny hop trick. While in a bunny hop, the rider was hoping to take the whole scooter above ground, Nollie has a little variation. In Nollie, a rider has to push their body and the handlebars a little forward to bring the rear wheel in the air. Once the rear wheel is off the ground, take a jump along with the scooter. Hop on the front wheel and land back on the front wheel too. To perform this scooter trick, one has to learn how to do a bunny hop. Learn the trick and happily hop around.


One Hander:

The name of this scooter stunt says all about it. This is a stunt only to be performed by riders who consider themselves on an advanced scooter rider. The stunt can be scary if not performed right. For the starters, ride the scooter as usual. Now tighten the grip on the handlebars with one of your hands. Leave the other hand and stretch it on the outside. Now jump like you would jump while doing a no-footer. Make sure you keep your balance. Land back on both your feet and quickly hold the handlebar with both hands.



This is a tough trick but an equally exciting one. In barspin, the rider has to spin the handlebar without completely letting go of it. Make sure you try it on the ground first and later with a jump. Hold the handlebar with both your hands and now spin it. Do not let go of the handlebar till the quarter turn. Now, let go of the handlebar and let it spin while you are in the mid-air making a jump. When landing back on the deck, hold the handlebar and make a grip immediately.



Manual is a complicated trick that needs a lot of balance. This scooter stunt simply makes you balance just on the back wheel while the scooter is running fast. To perform this stunt, the rider will have a place on foot on the deck. The toe of the other foot will be on the deck and the ankle will be touching the break to keep the right balance. Now while riding, push the back foot and pick the front wheel up. Do not push too hard or the scooter will make you fall. Keep the right balance and you will fly.



This is an extremely fun trick and a simple one. If you have mastered the one-footer, this scooter trick will be as simple as eating a cake for you. Start with riding the scooter and increase the speed. Once the speed is right, take a jump along with the scooter. When you are in mid-air, take a 180-degree turn. When you land back on the ground, keep your balance and the scooter will start running in reverse without you making any effort. It is a simple trick but is very impressive to look at. Try it out and have fun.


Nose Pivot:

This is a fancy stunt that will bring you a lot of fun and attention. Performing it can be a little tricky. To start with, simply ride your scooter. Now, keep your feet diagonally on the right edge of the deck. Your ankles should be outwards in the air. Take a little speed and now push forward to pick up the rare wheel. Once it is in the air, take a jump. Turn 180 degrees and land on the rare wheel while you pick the front tire up. Now complete the rest 180 degrees on the rare tire and done.



This is a scooter stunt you can do while you are jumping very high from the ground, or when you are close to the ground too. It is simple, it is easy, and it is super fascinating. All you have to do is, ride the scooter as you do at the start. Keep your feet on the opposite edges of the deck. Keep your grip tight on the handlebar. Now take a jump along with the scooter. As you take the jump, slightly kick the deck from your right foot. Let it spin. Come back on the ground as you get a hold of the deck again.



This scooter stunt resembles how a pogo stick works. For this trick make sure your scooter is strong and right to perform stunts. You may or may not be at a little speed for this stunt. Tighten the grip with your hands on the handlebar. Put your left foot on the brake. Push the handle and your body back while pressing the brake. Make sure the front wheel is lifted and you are balancing only on the rear wheel. Now start hopping with your rear wheel. Make sure you do not lose your balance while performing this stunt.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can we perform stunts on regular scooters?

A. Yes, you can perform some basic stunts on a regular scooter. It could be fun for a beginner. However, performing stunts on a regular scooter might not be safe enough. A stunt-compatible scooter is stronger, more powerful, and has passed through several quality tests. This is why if you are an advanced-level rider and wish to perform tough stunts, a regular scooter is not a good option.

Q. Are scooters expensive?

A. Just like any other product a scooter can be expensive. There is a scooter available in the market in every price range. The features of the scooter may differ with the different price ranges. You can easily find a good scooter that fits your budget and helps you ride around. If you wish to still go for a low-budget scooter, make sure you go for the one without the fancy features like a bell, lights, etc.

Q. Why is it important to have a stunt-compatible scooter?

A. A stunt-compatible scooter is built with the specification for performing a stunt. The deck is extremely strong to handle jumps, hops, and other shocks. The handlebar is free to rotate and spin yet very very strong, stable, and offers great grip. The wheels are tight enough to handle the shocks from the jump. The grip of these wheels is better and keeps a hold while hopping and jumping on and with the scooter.

Q. Is it safe to perform scooter stunts?

A. Performing scooter stunts are not absolutely safe. It is a physical activity and will always have a certain amount of risk involved. If you are someone who loves performing stunts despite the risk involved, make sure you practice them well before performing. Work on practicing the stunt. Read the theory of the stunt first, and then practice the stunt slowly. When you are done practicing, you can try and perform it. This will ensure safety and control so that you do not hurt yourself or get into an accident.  

Q. How long does it take to learn a scooter trick?

A. Learning a scooter trick is a very simple process, mastering and being an expert in those tricks is something that comes with practice. Some tricks are simple and can be learned perfectly in just a few trials. But there are some hard tricks that one may learn in a couple of days but mastering them may take weeks. There is a process for learning everything. Follow the process and you will master the tricks in no time.

Q. Do you need knee guards and a helmet while doing scooter tricks?

A. A scooter is comparatively a safer vehicle than a motorcycle or even a cycle. If you are a beginner and wish to experiment with stunts, you should wear safety gear like knee guards and a helmet. But there is no immediate need for it. It depends on your comfort and choice.



These are 10 amazing scooter tricks in this article and we are sure these tricks will work for you. We have mentioned pro scootering tricks as well as scootering tricks for beginners for everyone to have some tricks to learn and new tricks to practice. All you need to start is to read the article, gather the strength and jump onto your scooter. Make sure your scooter is a good one. This way you will not have to worry about your safety and only worry about how to perform it.

Hope you are done with reading the article and the theory of the stunts. It is time to perform them now. Thank us later when you are done enjoying these stunts with all your heart.

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