🛴Top 10 Folding Electric Scooters for Adults – Ultra Lightweight & Portable

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As the environment grows to be harmful and dangerous, a need to sustain it has become a necessity now. First came wheels then bicycles then oil-run motor bikes which came out to be harmful to the environment. A need to at least save the environment again we had to go back to the bicycles.

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But this time, a little more advanced, and more comforting.

So, the folding electric scooters were made. Despite their purpose to serve the environment with good, they are also a fun to ride. They are handy and can be carried on the shoulders with shoulder straps too. They can give a thrill of riding with their amazing speed and acceleration. They have been made light in weight and with high quality frame body. 

Let’s check 10 of the best electric folding scooters of the year.

Gotrax GXL 

Glion Dolly Foldable 

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Swagtron Swagger 5

MegaWheels S1

Jetson Heavy Duty Breeze Black

Go-Ped ESR750H Hoverboard

Hover-1 L5 scooter

Mercane Widewheel

Immotor Go

Best Electric Folding Scooters : Our Top Picks 2020

1. GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

This sleek design with urban-look electric scooter is of light weight as light as 12.5 kg which makes it easy to carry. It is easy to fold and release. It gives a maximum speed of 25 km/h to easily keep up in the bike lane. 

It has got a smart display panel which is equipped with speedometer to check and display the speed of the scooter while riding. It also keeps a record of the running time and gives a check on the battery capacity. It has also got speed levels that are helpful in maintaining speed with smart brake system with easy control.

It is a very handy scooter and very suitable for adults. It needs only 4 hours to recharge its batteries to give a longer distance ride. It has got 36V batteries which make a 20.12 km tour easily. It has Underwriter Labs certified batteries which are safe. It has a simple dimension of 44 inches of height, 41 inches of length and 6 inches of width in the riding mode. It is easy to keep clean and manage. It is laced with air filled tires of 8.5 inches. It comes in two colors- blue and black and for its amazing display feature and simple design.

Features –

  • Has got a powerful battery of 36V which gives a travel distance of almost 20.12 km
  • Has a moderate weight of about 12.5 kg
  • Has got fast fold and release system
  • Installed with smart display to keep a check on the travel distance and speed

Final Verdict –

This scooter has a sleek design with an urban-look. For an electric scooter with such amazing features, it is not that heavy but still it may be trouble to carry. The stepping board is just 6 inches wide which may be unfitting to both feet at the same time. It does not have a suspension or a shock absorber so it may be disturbing in a rough terrain. But for a smooth terrain, it is a perfect fit and ready to for daily commuting on city rides.

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2. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

This electric scooter by Glion is one of the best products. It has a simple design which is very attractive to the users that want to keep it simple to clean and manage. It has got rollers installed in it which makes it like a roller bag suitcase making it easy to move when not in use without a burden of carrying. 

But weight is not a great issue with it, it has just a moderate weight of 12.4 kg with a small dimension of 37.4 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches. The canvas scooter cover is although, sold separately. It is equipped with Military grade Honeycomb Never Flat airless rubber tires which are 8 inches wide. It is a patented Dolly product. It has got a premium 36V, 7.8AH Lithium ion battery which is composed of 30 LG NMC 18650 cells.

To keep a check on the battery life, an easy-to-read handlebar-mounted battery indicator is installed. The battery needs only a charge duration of 3.5 hours which is enough to take a commute of 24.14 km around the city. It has got a good speed of 24.14 km/h. This speed and long path travel are only possible due to its 250-Watt Nameplate DC Hub motor which is quiet, brushless, GearLess, and Chainless.

It is also equipped with vertical self-standing feature. For more security, it has been installed with electronic antilock maintenance free brake which is located in the rear hub motor. Its body is crafted using durable 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and is powder coated to resist corrosion. Its hand controls are carefully made water resistant which is very convenient and easy to use.

This electric scooter has been made energy-efficient and very economical as it can give almost an 804 km distance travel with just an electricity bill of USD 1. It is laced with a headlight, a rear reflector and a pedestrian bell for extra secured ride be it day or night. It can be bought for a price of  USD 550 with the roller bag and a durable helmet on Amazon but without these extra accessories, it can be bought for USD 480.

Features –

  • Easy to carry and also can be moved as a roller bag
  • Energy-efficient (gives a travel distance of almost 804 km with just an electric cost of 72 rupees
  • One full charge can give almost 24 km ride distance
  • Has got no chains or gears and hence there is no leaking grease
  • Durable frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum

Final Verdict –

Glion really produces durable electric scooters with powerful performance. This foldable electric scooter really falls up to the expectations of a rider. It is quiet and has a speed of almost 25 km/h. It is efficient and very energy concerned, of course. The foot pad might be of good space but it is quite of electric scooter. Also, it has got no speedometer to check the speed or distance display. The price might give an itch. But overall it is a good product from Glion.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Folding Electric Scooter

It is a characteristic of the company to make electronic and electrical devices with good performances. This mi electric scooter is one of the best products of Xiaomi. This scooter can go up to a speed of maximum 25 km/h. The design is simple and comes handy very easily when folded. It has a weight of 12.5 kg almost. 

It has got a durable battery that can last for an hour when on highest speed. The pedals are curved for a comfort ride. It has got just single button to kick it to go. The folding is easy with its simple and fast folding levers which make it easy to carry or even fit the trunk of a car with ease and saving up space.

The body of this electric scooter is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which is light in weight but have high strength. It is made even more durable with its excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistant materials. It has got a battery life indicator so that one can assume the distance it can travel in according to that. For safe night rides, it has been given ultra-bright headlights of 1.1 Watts which light up to a 6 meters range with a red taillight for braking and warning. It is laced with powerful front and rear double disk braking system for an efficient, responsive braking distance of just 13.1 ft.

It is able to perform with such a high performance due to its 18650 high-capacity lithium ion batteries which take 5 hours to get fully charged.

Features –

  • Comes with smartphone app to connect with Bluetooth and check the ride statistics
  • Easily foldable and comes very handy
  • Durable because of aircraft-grade material body
  • 9 km battery range
  • The design is simple and sleek

Final Verdict –

Although it is a powerful product of Xiaomi but it is awkward to carry it and it does not even come with a roller to make it easy to move. It is affordable but might cause a budget problem to some people.

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4. Swagtron Swagger 5 Folding Portable Electric Scooter

It is an aluminum frame electric scooter with a weight of 12.2 kg. It does not come that handy but its powerful performance is the topic here. It is equipped with powerful 250 Watts electric hub motor that enables it to run as speed as 29 km/h which is amazing. It is foldable and can fit into the car trunks and even subway seats easily. 

It can incline while rolling over as steep as 20 degrees. It is comprised of Lithium ion batteries that can be charged fully in 3.5 hours. When fully charged, it can give a ride of almost 19 km. Its frame is strong enough to support riders of about 145 kg. It has also got a phone holder. It is also the fastest motorized scooter for adults.

It can be connected to a smart phone and can be checked with an app the speed and distance while travelling. It has got a simple design dimension of 41.7 x 17 x 19.3 inches when folded. It has got durable tubeless tires with disc brakes for braking efficiently. Also, it has got a handlebar display screen which lets you know all about the speed, battery life and headlight status. For safe night rides, it has been installed with reflector also that is visible to oncoming cars and pedestrians.

Features –

  • Has got a nice speed of 29 km/h
  • Can travel up to a distance of 19 km
  • Has got a durable body frame made of strong aircraft-tech aluminum metal
  • Can support a weight of about 145 kg
  • It is affordable and has got simple design

Final Verdict –

This is a nice product from Swagtron for commuting with a speed of 29 km/h. It is handy and can be easily carried on shoulders with its shoulder straps. The battery takes almost 3.5 hours to charge fully which is great but it does not give a long drive. Although, it is good for the riders who want to enjoy a little extra speed.

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5. MEGAWHEELS Electric Scooter, Ultra-Lightweight Foldable Electric Kick Scooter for Kids

This electric scooter is of light weight with just of 8.16 kg. It is beautifully designed with its folding mechanism. It has a powerful 250W motor that leads it to attain a speed of 22.5 km/h. It is installed with a 4.0AH, 36V large capacity battery pack that takes it easily up to 12 km of distance. It has been made keeping the environment in mind.

It is 100% powered by electricity that produces zero emission which is good for the environment as well as the health of the rider.

Its frame is made up of solid aluminum alloy that is very strong and durable. Its battery is a UL2272 certified product. It has got effective braking with double braking system. This electric scooter is available in four different colors. It has got a design that fits all age people. It can support a weight a 70 kg.

Features –

  • Has got a light weight of just 8.16 kg meaning carrying is very easy
  • Can run for almost 13 km
  • Has got a speed of 22.5 km/h
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The design is mart and the folding mechanism is excellent.

Final Verdict –

This MegaWheel electric scooter does not have to long distances but has a good rate of speed. It has an attractive design and the weight is really helping to carry with ease. Also, it has not got any display panel to give any reading of speed or distance. It has also not got any headlights or back red-light which are very important while riding in the dark. So, it is not safe to ride in the night time.

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6. Jetson Heavy Duty Breeze Black

As the name says “Heavy” so is its working. This is an electric scooter is stylish and easily foldable. It is made to provide a ride with good look and great comfort. It is a heavy electric scooter with a weight of 14.5 kg. It is a fast scooter with a speed of 29 km/h. It is heavier than compared to others but gives a high performance which is actually shown by its speed. 

It has better battery power which is a 36V Lithium ion. It is heavy yes, but its tires are Airway 25 is light. The scooter comes with a MyWay carry bag that makes easier to carry when folded. Its framework is strong and can support a weight of up to 147 kg.

It takes about 4 hours to get fully charged. It is equipped with 250W motors that are responsible for a good acceleration even with a heavy weight rider on it. The design is installed with unique thumb throttle that is needed for it to be used easily. It has got tires of 10 inches. It also comes with a small hex tool and a tire pump. It gives a good performance when travelling up the hills.

It is equipped with a smart display to show the speed and distance with the battery level of the scooter. It has got responsive front and rear brakes that are very effective. Also, for safety, it has got flashing lights every time the brakes are applied.

Features –

  • A speed of 29 km/h
  • Equipped with 250W powerful motors
  • Good at climbs
  • Has got stylish body which is easily manageable

Final Verdict –

This electric scooter has got a high performance and the wheels are amazing too. The battery takes moderate hours of time to get fully charged. The standing platform is wide enough to adjust both feet. But the price is high as much as 29000.

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7. Go-Ped ESR750H Hoverboard

This Go-Pad Hoverboard is a nice electric scooter. It has got a heavy body of 23 kg. It is so powerful with its 1000+ Watt, 24V ultra efficient brush motor with aluminum finned heat sink. It has qualities that outstand the other electric scooters in the market. It has got low voltage battery protection, motor overheat protection, peak amperage protection, stall protection, and even maximum speed protection. 

It is fully sealed and has got dust and weather resistant body. The frame that it has been made up of is an ultra-light 4130 Chromoly aircraft quality. It is just amazingly made strong by aircraft grade 6061-T6 hardened aluminum handlebar.

It has a battery pack of 20AH LiFePO4. The battery needs a charge time of up to 8 hours to get fully charged. It has got two modes of speed economy (19 km/h) and turbo (32.18 km/h) which is ready to give a thrill of high-speed riding. It is a chain driver scooter and has the ability to adjust chain tensioner itself. It is very safe to ride with its highly efficient disc brakes that perform in ultra-mode.

Features –

  • High performance motors make it fast
  • The body frame is very durable
  • Dust proof body
  • Free from corrosion and weather adversity
  • Has got a headlight and red back light for safe night rides
  • Has got a 90 warranty from the manufacturer and a 2-year warranty on the frame and forks

Final Verdict –

This electric scooter has no complaint at all despite of its weight and its price. Due its very high specs and durable design, it costs a fortune. It costs a price of USD 1850 which makes it very less affordable. But if it comes in your budget and you are ready to loosen your purse, this is the one you are looking for.

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8. Hover-1 L5 scooter

It is a light weight electric scooter of just 9.52 kg. The style of the scooter is so simple and very less complicated design. It fulfils the need of an exciting and convenient form of transportation. It is nature friendly and has fewer emissions without compromising on its style or convenience. It has powerful motor which is made to take it to a speed of 21km/h.

Its battery is able to provide with enough energy to take it to a travel distance of 11km which is quite a distance if one wants to take a quick ride around the city. 

The battery can be charged fully in just 3 hours of duration. It is basically made keeping the environment safer. It has got a plus point on sitting cushion sheet. It has got bright LED headlights which make it safe to ride in the night with its full speed.

It has also got a digital Liquid Crystal display for trip meter, odometer and speedometer. It is light and comes already assembled. It has got powerful and effective brake system with dual disc brakes.

Features –

  • The carbon footprint is less
  • Very friendly to the environment
  • Has got a smart liquid crystal display to show speed, distance travelled and headlight notification
  • The frame is light
  • The brakes are dual disc brakes which are highly effective
  • Comes already assembled

Final Verdict –

It is a light weight electric scooter which is easy to carry and gives a moderate performance with a moderate speed of 21 km/h. The display is really helpful to keep a check on speed, distance while riding. The scooter however is not suitable for long rides due to less battery power. And due to that, it seems to be pricy. It is though environment friendly which is an important quality.

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9. Mercane Widewheel

This is an electric cum kick scooter that is designed for all terrain that comes the way in travelling. It has been made keeping comfort in mind. Its tires are ready to run on the rough terrain and are less prone to puncture and have a long-lasting life. 

It is equipped with powerful high-functioning 48V, 500W BLDC hub motor that offers a strong torque which is very helpful while climbing a high ground. It is laced with dual suspension in both the front and the back to maximize the comfort while going through a bumpy road. To absorb the shocks, special alloy made coil springs are installed. It is equipped with a 422W battery pack that is a highly efficient Lithium ion battery. It is powerful enough to give a driving range of 30 km.

The paint work is very carefully done on this scooter. It is a great fit for the adults as well as youth. The maintenance of this scooter is very easy and simple as its design is. The parts exchange is really easy to do because of clear fractional parts. For the same, video tutorials are also provided by the manufacturer. It has a dimension of 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches (folded) and 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches (unfolded). It is a heavy electric scooter indeed. It weighs around 20 kg. It comes in three types. One of the other two with 1000W for 31 miles long lasting battery and the other one is with 500W, 19 miles long-lasting battery. Check detailed review of mercane widewheel electric scooter here.

Features –

  • It has nice paint to protect it against the weather changes
  • It has long lasting battery
  • It will not get tempered even if used as a kick scooter
  • It has highly efficient motor that can take up the hill climbs easily

Final Verdict –

This is a smart electric scooter with simple design and a very powerful motor. It can handle a rough terrain smoothly and also can climb up the hill roads easily. It is also included with a smart digital display panel to show the battery level as well as the speed and distance travelled while riding. 300 USD are a reasonable price to pay for this electric scooter.

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10. Immotor Go

This is a real piece of tech. This is the most intelligent electric scooter in the world. First of all, it is equipped with a cloud-enabled technology. This can be synced with a device to keep a check on it from anywhere in the world. It is laced with an amazing battery that is fastest in charging and safest available in the industry.

It has got two of the batteries installed in it for a performance that is unparalleled to others. It has a long battery life that can give a travel distance of up to 25.74 km. It is a 3-wheeled scooter which is a perfect fit for a city ride. It has a maximum speed of 25.7 km/h. It has an average weight of 13.6 kg. It also has a phone holder with a USB port to keep it charged. But all these amazing features cost very high. It comes for a price of around 1500 USD which is quite a high price to pay for a ride on an electric scooter around the city.

Features –

  • Has got a strong and body frame
  • The battery has a powerful capacity
  • It is also accompanied with a proprietary app to manage its reading
  • The speed is amazing for a such a long distance
  • Very easy to carry it along

Final Verdict –

The technology that it is laced with is outstanding which is why it is called an “e-scooter”. It is advance with its cloud technology installed in it. It is equipped with powerful batteries to keep it going to a distance of about 25 km with an average speed of 25.7 km/h. It is really a great gadget with all its specs which is why it is the most portable and intelligent electric scooter in the world. But it falls in the high price and by “high price” it means it is a luxury electric scooter.

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Folding Electric Scooters – Buying Guide !

Thinking about buying an electric scooter for adults that is foldable? Well, there are some points to keep in mind while buying one. These are some of them that might be of great help to escape from disappointment:

The frame construction of the scooter should be of materials that can be trusted to be durable. Some scooters are made of aircraft body materials that are really durable and reliable.

The battery backup unit of the scooter must be a powerful one with almost more than 30V almost. The rechargeable Lithium ion batteries are a good choice. These should also be rechargeable easily.

Speed matters when you want to get more of it and sometimes for thrill. It is important for a scooter to have a speed more than 20km/h at least otherwise it will be troublesome while climbing.

While going through unleveled ground, it is important to have a good suspension in the scooter. If there are suspension at both the front and the back, it is very good.

A display panel is important too. It will let you know the mileage of the battery and also the speed at which you are going.

The motor of an electric scooter is very important for it to give a good acceleration. A 350 W motor will provide a moderate acceleration. But for a powerful acceleration, a powerful motor of more than 500 W is needed. So, keep a check on that while buying.

The prices of some scooters are just high that are not affordable by many, but there are also options for moderate price and high-quality scooters.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Electric Folding Scooter –

Most of the important things have been discussed in the buyer’s guide section. Some of the others which make a point are:

The weight of the scooter must not be too heavy to carry or pull around when not riding.

The scooter should be installed with better safety features like instant braking, headlights and red back lights for safe ride a night.

The wheels should be durable. There are airless tubes also available for the wheels now.

And there are others which are not really of big concern.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Isn’t folding complicated and time consuming?

No, once you get the real idea of folding/unfolding the scooter, you will get used to it and your speed will automatically increase over time.

  • Can I leave the scooter charging overnight?

It’s a firm NO. Charging the scooter overnight might cause problems to battery backup and will end up giving short travel distance. Better charge when you know you can plug it off when needed.

  • I’ve got a flat tire. Where can I fix it?

There is a pretty much chance of it getting punctured. Do not worry. It is just like replacing the tubes of a bicycle. They are needed to be purchased especially if punctured bad enough.

Final Verdict –

It is time to change our petroleum bikes to change to more eco-friendly rides which are in actual a great fit for small rides around the cities, be it a market or a ride to the office. The chargeable technology is better than oil-run bikes which produce a lot of pollution. So, buying an electric scooter that is foldable is never going to disappoint you. After all, they are easy to maintain and give a comfortable eco-friendly ride.

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