Top 5 Maxi Scooters In 2022

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If you want an easy, comfortable, and airy ride, there is nothing better than a Maxi Scooter. They are the most powerful and luxurious two-wheeler vehicles you can find in the market and hence no doubt they are more expensive than the rest of the lot. Whether you are driving locally or want to travel interstate, the best maxi scooter is a vehicle you can trust for comfort, mileage, and safety. In fact, besides offering spacious two-up riding, they also come with sufficient space to carry a reasonable amount of luggage. 

For those who are always undervalued scooters, Maxi scooters are an eye-opener. They have great middleweight engines, advanced chassis setups, high-tech rider aids and color dashboard; making them an excellent choice of commute. 

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There are many additional features that make these big scooters most wanted. Zing under-seat storage, auto transmission, longer wheelbase and top-notch weather protection are a few key features to name. 

Riding on this large scooter, you do not have to think twice before you bring that engine to life. Moreover, it is one scooter you can find in various colors and designs. While this might be good news for many, a few may take it as a challenge as the greater number of choices available, the more complicated the choice becomes.

So, just like always, we have here with a crisp list of best maxi scooters available in the market. Read this maxi scooter review and decide which one you want to buy:

1. Yamaha X-MAX 125

maxi scooters

The Yamaha X-MAX 125 is a large scooter that promises extra comfort and safety. Also known for its learner-friendly nature, the maxi-scooter is powered by a Euro 4 compliant liquid cooled 124 cc single-cylinder engine, producing 14.1 bhp at 8,750 rpm and maximum torque at 6,500 rpm.

When compared to the other variants in the market, this maxi scooter features greater peak power and torque. It comes with a lot of accessories including 39 liter top box, small sports screen, tall screen, heated grips, Akrapovic performance exhaust, pillion backrest and a comfort seat. You can also charge your mobile phone while driving the scooter as it features a 12V socket for charging phones and more:

2. Honda Forza 125

maxi scooter

Another great option in the maxi scooters market, the Honda Forza 125 is an excellent purchase. The large scooter is powered by a liquid-cooled 125 cc single-cylinder engine, producing 14.8 bhp at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque at 8,250 rpm. 

The scooter got a great makeover and upgrade in 2018 when a lot of its elements were tweaked including engine, screen size, design, bodywork, LED indicators, enhanced under-seat storage, and more. If you have some valuables with you, you can store them in the left glove box which comes with a lockable feature. Let us have a quick look at its features:

3. Yamaha TMAX

big scooters

Probably the biggest scooter in the world, the Yamaha TMAX is a luxurious maxi scooter that has a Euro 5 compliant liquid cooled 562 ccs parallel-twin engine. The engine offers 5,250 rpm torque making this large scooter great in performance. The latest model has a lot of advanced features that were not there in its 2017-19 model. 

The upgrades include a 32 cc larger engine with 6% more torque, user-friendly pillion feature, advanced LED indicator, premium tail light design, better and larger exhaust, upgraded suspension, and two premium ride modes. Adding all these features, however, have made this maxi scooter 5 kg heavier than its previous models. The key specs of the large scooter include:

4. Suzuki Burgman 650

large scooter

The Burgman series is well-known for its bold and aggressive design and Suzuki Burgman 650 is a perfect example. Combining the comfort of a scooter and the benefits of a motorcycle is the perfect way to describe this amazing maxi scooter. One of the biggest scooters in the world, this large scooter had a large windshield, twin headlight body structure, and striking design which makes it very attractive. 

The seat of the large scooter is also divided into two parts and the pillion seat is a bit raised than the front. This offers greater comfort to both the riders as the legroom is increased significantly. The scooter has made its place among the best touring scooters available in the entire world. The official tagline of this scooter is ‘Unbeatable Performance’ which indeed is true in its case. Let us provide you the key specs of this big scooter:

5. BMW C650 GT

biggest scooter in the world

Perhaps one of the best touring scooters available in 2022, BMW C650 GT. Featuring a premium inline two-cylinder engine which offers 60 hp and 46 lb-ft of torque. You can ride this maxi scooter to anywhere you want to go- from day to day commute to a distant weekend getaway.

The maxi scooter is available in different color options including Hockenheim Silver Metallic, Black Storm Metallic, and Option 719 Sparkling Storm Metallic. From great under-seat storage to comfortable rider and pillion seating area, the scooter is simply perfect to offer you power, performance and efficiency.

The under-seat luggage area is enough to store two helmets easily. Besides the striking design, this large scooter has another attractive appeal which is the “GT” logo stitched on the seat and the handlebar cover. The chrome highlights of the logo make it visible from a distance, making people aware that you have a BMW maxi scooter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The key distinction between the two is that Maxi scooters are more comfortable in terms of space and legroom. Moreover, these large scooters offer more safety to the rider and pillion.

Yes, maxi scooters are also known as touring scooters because they are perfect for long drives. You can comfortably sit on these scooters for long hours, as well as enough space for luggage.

Depending upon the type of engine and power, you can drive a maxi scooter at a speed of 190 mph. 

If you buy a branded maxi scooter, you can easily find the spare parts at the authorized dealership stores. Make sure you choose the best maxi scooter and know the reviews about the brand and the availability of its spare parts.

As these are large scooters, they are a bit more expensive than normal scooters. You can buy a maxi scooter at a price of $450-$700. Y0u can buy the best maxi scooter as per your budget and enjoy the extra luxury and comfort.

Final Verdict

To ensure you are presented with the best Maxi Scooter choices, we checked the entire market. These are the top Maxi scooters that you can consider buying. Coming from the best brands, these large scooters are comfortable, efficient and performance-centric. 

You can ride them along with a pillion and have sufficient space and storage. From the powerful engine to excellent brake and suspension system, the BMW C650 GT is our preferred choice, with three striking color variants, this large scooter will definitely let you stand out of the crowd. Easy to manage and maintain, the scooter comes with a striking BMW logo stitched on the seat and handle cover.

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