Varla Eagle One Off-Road Electric Scooter Review

4.8/5 Rating

“The Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for a safe commuting scooter with extra fun features”

When trying to decide which off-road electric scooter is best for you, there are several things to look for. Ultimately that will depend on your preferences, but when considering the Varla Eagle One, you almost can’t go wrong. No matter who you’re trying to discuss it with, it’s apparent that electric scooters of this caliber don’t come around often. From the heavily marketed (and coveted) hub motor, to the impressive off-roading ability and incredibly fair price, there’s something for everyone to like about the Eagle One. Today, I’ll be taking a closer look at what sets this scooter apart from its competitors, break down its specs, discuss some of its flaws, and hopefully help you gain a better understanding of what makes the Eagle One tick.

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Varla Eagle One Features

There are a few things to know about the price, shipping, and warranty for this vehicle before getting started. First and foremost, the price for this scooter is listed at $1,599 USD which, considering the specifications of this product, is appropriate and a bit on the generous side. Currently, pre-orders are available and ship sometime in February, but so far pre-testers have seen little to no issues with their shipments. Finally, Varla offers both a payment plan (6 installments at about $267). Varla also includes a two-year warranty that covers throttle, controller, and frame, a one year warranty that covers the motor, battery, and charger, and a 1 month or 100 km warranty on the inner tube, brake pad, kickstand, and fenders. Needless to say, the services on all their vehicles could make any buyer happy and feel safe in their purchase. As a plus, with a preorder, 4 scooter deck stickers, a protective gear set, and an inner tube are thrown in for free (not to mention free shipping to US buyers).

This is probably my favorite part, simply because of the amount of use you get for each charge. Depending on your average speed and usage, you can expect to get at least 30 miles from one charge. If you’re a speed demon, you might get less, but the top speed makes up for that pretty quick. The Eagle One has a 52V/18.2Ah capacity lithium-ion battery. Being an eco-centric person, I really liked that there is an eco-friendly mode that doesn’t take away from the overall power of this scooter. It’s also great that using eco-friendly mode all but ensures that you’ll reach a distance of 40 miles per charge. 

The Eagle One’s tires are nothing to balk at either. They’re a sturdy pair of 10-inch pneumatic tires – sure they can just get you where you need to go without faltering, but the grip, control, and sensitivity exceeded my expectations. The ride is also smooth; these tires are fairly capable of absorbing even some of the more ‘concerning’ bumps that you can find on the streets. Living around the Midwest, I can tell you there are plenty of potholes around here, but even if you were to manage to accidentally hit a small-medium bump (hard to find when they’re so big here), you can rest assured that the Eagle One will carry on just fine. I wouldn’t recommend trying, but it won’t destroy the tires.

Power is the name of the game for the Eagle One and the dual 1000W hub motor doesn’t disappoint. Topping out with a max power output of 3200W, this is definitely noticeable when comparing to its predecessors and competitors. I think it’s appropriate to say I had a lot of fun zooming past other vehicles along the road since this scooter has so much power. This motor (and wheels/brakes) make for a scooter that’s capable of off-roading and steep inclines too, which is a welcome challenge for this community. I’d simply say to be careful and mindful because even though this model weighs a decent bit more, it doesn’t feel like the power suffers much. 

My take on the brakes is pretty standard, but for the powerhouse that is the Eagle One, they work well. Complete with hydraulic brakes, an ABS system, and effective heat dissipation, they’re built to last and keep you safe above all. While riding, I didn’t have any issues pop up, though I feel the added weight added a bit to jolting stops every now and then. However, this is something to get used to and not really a flaw to me. 

Another great feature that greatly increases the smoothness of the ride is the independent suspension. Since the Eagle One boasts both power and smoothness combined on one scooter, it should come as no surprise that I expected a lot in terms of being able to hit near-top speeds without feeling jostled while off-roading. Not only did the dual motor deliver, but the pneumatic tires worked flawlessly with the independent suspension to make relatively large bumps and ditches feel like flat land. Next time I’ll be sure to test the limits out even more.

Eagle One’s lights are pretty standard overall. Headlights in the front, taillights in the back that are responsive to breaking. A nice feature is their brightness, plus the posted lifespan of these lights is supposed to be about 30,000 hours. I haven’t ridden it for quite that long, but I’ll get there someday and possibly give an update. 

This scooter is definitely not for lightweight scooter enthusiasts. Compared to other models, the Eagle One weighs 77lbs, a decent 30lbs heavier than most other models of its class. I can’t say this is good or bad, it depends on your preference, but I found that it made breaking difficult to get used to and your turning had to be accurate. Otherwise, this has little impact on performance.

This aspect is a bit of a minor feature in my opinion and doesn’t do much outside of what’s expected. That being said, the display has all the information you’ll need and is bright enough to see during the peak light of day. Aside from the functionality, I’m fond of the simple and sleek design for this model.

Why should you buy the Varla Eagle One?

I think that Varla has outdone themselves with this model. Despite ramping up the power considerably, they still managed to craft a scooter that is tight, sensitive, and versatile all while looking modern and sleek. I think that anyone could purchase the Varla Scooter and do just fine, but the power and weight alone push me to say this scooter is best for experienced riders looking for some power or an off-roading adventure.

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