What Size Unicycle To Buy? Experts Guide & FAQ’s Answered!

what size unicycle

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What size unicycle to buy? It’s an important question to get right. With the level of balance and comfort you need, it’s vital that you get the perfect size for you. Here we’ve written a unicycle buying guide that gives you all the info you need to get your ideal unicycle.

What Size Unicycle Should I Get?

When it comes to investing in a unicycle, it is more than just wanting one. First, you have to learn how to ride a unicycle and then hop on to other important decisions. The color is an easy decision to make. There is also the saddle, or perhaps the wheels sizes, then you have the height of the post. So before choosing the suitable model, you need the best size to suit your needs.

What Size Unicycle for Beginner?

You want one that fits you and the type of riding you plan to do. So, before you select one, where do you plan to ride? What is your inseam length? So to answer the first question, a beginner’s unicycle is mostly for riding on pavements. You get two seat post sizes:

Seat Post Size 16-inch Trainer 20-inch Club 24-inch Club
200mm21-24 inch inseam25-28 inch inseam28-31 inch inseam
300mm24-26 inch inseam28-30 inch inseam31-34 inch inseam

As you can see, if you’re a beginner, the chart works according to the inseam length. So how do you measure your inseam?

  1. Take a book place it between your legs as if sitting on your unicycle, similar to a bicycle.
  2. Squeeze the book between the legs to hold it tight and parallel to the ground.
  3. Let a person take a tape measure from the ground to the upper part of the book, standing with your shoes on.

Unicycle Size Guide for Experienced Riders:

Here you need to ask yourself if you plan to do on-road or off-road riding as follow

Seat Post Size 20-inch Nimbus II24-inch Nimbus 24Custom Crank
200mm25-28 inch inseam28-31 inch inseamYou get size options on checkout when buying
300mm28-31 inch inseam31-34 inch inseam 

Here you follow the same procedure for measuring your inseam length as mentioned previously.

Who Is The Unicycle For?

You may be asking what size unicycle do I need for my child? Well here we have a unicycle size chart to help you.

For Adults and Kids Over 12 Years:

In most cases, an adult will select a 20-inch unicycle for learning, while a 24-inch model might be better if:

  • If you prefer doing, tricks a 20-inch is better as it provides a better ride on flat ground and smooth surfaces.
  • Do you like to move similar to road and mountain cyclists, then a 24-inch works best? You can use it on the rougher ground compared to a 20-inch unicycle that requires more space for learning.

Kids Under 12 Years:

The best is for a child to select the more significant unicycle option and ride up to 20-inches. So what size fits best. Here is a chart to help:

 Standard Minimum Leg LengthMaximum Leg LengthCut Down Minimum Leg Length
12-inch Unicycle 19.5 inches (50cm)24 inches (61.5cm)18.5 inches  (50cm)
16-inch Unicycle 23.5 inches (60cm)29 inches (74cm)20  inches (51cm)
20-inch Unicycle28  inches (71cm)33 inches (84cm)24  inches (61cm)
24-inch Unicycle31  inches (79cm)36.6 inches (93cm)27  inches (69cm)
26-inch Unicycle32  inches (81cm)36 inches (92cm)29  inches (74cm)
27.5 inch Unicycle34  inches (87cm)38 inches (97cm)29  inches (74cm)
29 inch Unicycle34.5  inches (86cm)39 inches (100cm)30 inches (76cm)
32 inch Unicycle34.5  inches (88cm)38 inches (97cm)29.5  inches (75cm)
36 inch Unicycle38  inches (96cm)40.9 inches (104cm)31.9  inches (81cm)

So what does the Cut-Down mean? As the unicycle seat sits above the wheel and you push it down on the seat post, it hits the tire. Doing this is a standard procedure to cut the bottom of the seat post, allowing the seat’s height to be lowered and available in some models you can buy.

Why Measure Your Inseam Length?

Your inseam length helps determine what the best wheel size and seat post size combined you need. For example, when you ride your unicycle with too small wheels, you will feel like you are on a tricycle and rides hard.

The same applies to a giant wheel that provides excellent power for longer but lacks control to maneuver it. After selecting the size of the wheel, you choose the seat post and depend on your inseam length. If the seat post is long, you will find it challenging to ride while a smaller one makes you feel like a clown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Size Unicycle Is the Easiest to Learn to Ride?

It depends on your leg lengths and the type of riding you plan to do. If it is ten years old, they have limited leg length, and choosing the most significant models up to 20-inches can help. This is because the unicycle will roll better when riding. However, the 16-inch is easier to learn to ride. If your length is long enough to fit a 24-inch, you need to assess the style you want to cycle. Choosing a 20-inch works best for riding smooth ground and tricks. The 24-inch is better for moving on-road and off-road.

What Is The Weight Limit for a Unicycle?

There is no weight limit, but it does not mean it cannot break under your weight. If you are hefty in weight, choose a more robust hub and a more oversized saddle. For jumping or hopping with it, consider a more robust one made for heavy-duty treatment.

Can My 5-Year-Old Ride a Unicycle?

Unfortunately, not as your child needs to be taller, and it takes longer for children to learn at that age. However, you can check your kid’s length to see if it fits. If not, you can find some manufacturers that may help cut the frame to size.

What Size Unicycle Works Best for a 10 and 14 Year Old?

A ten-year-old should be big enough to ride a 20-inch unicycle and suitable for learning. Suppose you find the kid might be interested in taking their riding further doing tricks. In that case, a Club model works best and available in some bright colors. The crank is shorter with a comfortable saddle. A 14-year-old would find larger tires to absorb shock a preferred option when jumping, such as a 19-inch model.

How High Should My Unicycle Seat Be?

The best rule is to stick to your belly button with the top of the saddle below three centimeters of it.

Is It Difficult to Ride a Unicycle ?

One thing sure riding it is unnatural and complex as you are cycling on one big wheel. There are obstacles, and it has no training wheels. So the main thing is to learn how to balance your body on it.

Final Thoughts:

By following the above inseam measurement steps with the charts provides, we are sure you will find what size unicycle to buy. Now, all that is left is choosing your color, type of ride, and learning to balance your body. So happy unicycling, and remember to ride safe.

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