Xspec Complete Pro Review

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“The best thing about this scooter is that it is equipped with strong and lightweight deck to perform all types of stunts smoothly.”

This can be used as a kick scooter as well as a stunt/pro scooter, which is why we love it so much! It is super versatile and also looks stylish so you can be assured that you and your scooter will definitely turn some heads while you glide on it effortlessly.

With a super strong yet lightweight aluminum deck and a reinforced steel alloy handlebar, you can perform all types of stunts and tricks on this scooter and be assured that it will definitely stand the test of time and ruggedness.

What we absolutely loved about this scooter is he HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) Head system. The way the fork is attached to the deck is what makes this scooter so special and gives the rider the ultimate joy of riding their favorite scooter.

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Xspec Complete Pro Features -

This HIC system works so well with this kind of a scooter which people use for performing  tricks. It makes the scooter light, flexible and overall a lot of fun to use while retaining the safety factor as well.

The fork, also called the handlebars have a reinforced triangular design which makes it strong and also easy to use.

With a unique rainbow holographic effect which comes in a variety of different shades, this scooter is known to turn people’s heads all the way around.

The shell of the scooter is made out of high quality aluminum and steel alloy metal giving it the added strength and stability.

We absolutely loved the highly responsive brake as well.

Specifications –

Xspec Complete Pro Unboxing -

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