Zero 10x Review: The Fastest Electric Scooter

zero 10x

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“Zero 10x is a high-performance electric scooter that is able to hit a top speed of 65km/h and has a range of 85km in a single charge.”

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zero scooter

We are reviewing here one of the fastest electric scooters, Zero 10x. It had been released in 2019 and had been a very popular choice for multiple riders all over the world. Since then, loads of other models of this electric Scooter have been introduced with more power and efficiency.

Zero 10x is a stunning designed electric scooter that has been officially distributed by the Falcon PEV. Since its launch, the scooter has been rated to be the best brand and overall satisfaction by the consumers. It outranks any of the scooters in its price range and offers the most value-priced for all its models making it highly valued among all. With an incredible top speed of about 65km/h, you can use this two-wheeler off-road as well.

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This high-performer is equipped with a dual-motor drive that brings you the best on and off-road performance. It has the ability to even climb hills with the help of a powerful motor and dual-suspensions. The build quality is pretty incredible and you will love the vibrant use of colors to stand out from the others while running on it. Like we said since it has been built with the idea to use it on difficult terrains, the build material is highly durable so that it can withstand tough roads. Similar to normal bikes, this electric scooter has been given wider handlebars so that it is comfortable to ride on them and handle them with ease.

Other than all of this every other striking feature about the zero scooter is exceptional such as its remarkable tires, shock absorbers, multiple riding modes, and a lot more that makes it the best among all of them we have come across. Let us learn more about it in detail.


Zero 10x Features

zero 10x scooter

Since we have every small aspect we need to know under the specification, it is necessary to know more about the interesting features that the zero 10x scooter gives to its riders. Here we go:

The very first thing that one can notice about any product is its looks, design, and also the build quality. Well, we believed it looks absolutely stunning and surely you would too. It has a mix of red and black colors that are vibrant and gives it a bright and fierce touch overall. The very first look that will go straight up is the tires which are pretty bigger than the usual ones you will see. They are tough and made for off-road rides.

This model has given proper justice to its brand name with its exceptional build quality. All the components on the scooter thas been chosen to be the best and hence all are made of metal of the highest quality. No plastic material has been used to assure you of the quality it sticks to. The steering or the handlebars are pretty sturdy and help perfectly well with the oversized bolts and pivots. It can happen any bumpy road and also has been made to climb hills too with perfect ease.

Yes, the handlebars can be held down and folded into a horizontal structure. It does look like that it can be pretty easy to be carried around, but rather it weighs around 35kg which is not something that anyone can lift up as easily as other portable bikes. If you are thinking of using it for your trips by taking it in your truck or traveling, you may need more than two hands to get this thing up and going.

Other than this, you need not park in the garage rather simply fold the handles gently and keep it inside. It may become a little hectic lifting it up but overall it can still work out for the best. This electric Scooter may not be the most portable as you may like but surely you can skip it and park it anywhere due to its size.

Well, we all know that the Zero 10x Scooter is the fastest Electric Scooter currently in the market. It is the most significant aspect of this bike and you can rely on its top speed as well the range that it can cover. There are different models of this bike with different battery capacity to distinguish between them. To start with you can get a combination of Top Speed and Range covered by the bike accordingly. With about 65km/h speed it can cover both 65km/h or 75km/h range.

On the much higher battery power, the top speed can go up to a massive 85km/h and a range of about 110km. All of this can be achieved only if you use the Scooter in the Eco Mode. Also, the motor is very much responsible for giving out the power to this electric scooter. And with more power, you will achieve better speed overall.

This adult electric scooter runs on one of the most powerful engines there is. You are getting multiple options as well to choose from. To give the best performance it has a dual-motor drive with a basic capacity of 1000W. You can even get the 1200W or the 1600W motor power but they are a little high priced as you move higher up. Also, the scooter has two driving modes i.e. 

  • Eco Mode: It switched the scooter to drive it in a single motor mode that extends the range of the scooter by 3X. All the ranges that we have listed are achievable in the Eco mode itself. Furthermore, this will use less battery power and help you ride longer.
  • Turbo Mode: It uses both motor power. It can reach way more speed than normal and get you a thrilling experience. You can use this mode to climb hills or for off-road environments.

Furthermore, the 1000w motor gives a peak power output of 3600W that may heat up the system since it is an electric scooter. However, it is powered by 2 x 25A speed controllers that help to dissipate heat out of the bike so that there is no loss in performance overall. 

Zero 10x is an electric scooter and it has a major component i.e the battery power. Since we have seen there are multiple models of the scooter. You can select the most basic one and with low price i.e 52 V, 18 Ah version with Syncpower batteries. Other than this, you can even check out other options i.e 60V 21Ah and 52 V, 23 Ah LG/Samsung Batteries.

There are two motors working on the scooter that can be switched based on the type you wish to use. If you use the Eco mode, the Scooter will use less battery power and will work longer. However, in the Turbo Mode, although the performance will be stunning from the scooter, it may eat up a lot of battery. As we speak, the range is pretty great in a single charge.

Moreover, speaking of the charging time. So, it has two of the ports for this purpose, you will initially have a charger only that takes up to 11 hours to charge entirely. You can reduce the time half entirely if you get another charge but it will need more investment and it all depends on you.

Here we will be learning about the handlebars and also the highly durable brakes. You will be thrilled to know that the 1000w motor powered electric Scooter has a Front & rear disc brakes. They are needed the most since you will be gaining a hell lot of speed and also it is needed to get proper control on the bike and keep a check on the speed.

All these brakes are simply perfect and are very strong to be used on the road again. Since you have both the brakes hence there is a strong driving force altogether. Other than this, you will love the cockpit or better say how you ride the break. You have an amazing yet simple way to handle everything.

The handlebars are very easy to handle and also give stability while using them. On the handle, you may get an LCD display that will tell you’re Vital stats, Odometer. Mode, battery life, etc. also, the speedometer helps you keep track of everything so things can have a better solution. This bike has also been mounted with both front and rear lights that are great to ride at night time.

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Who Should Buy The Zero 10x?

Anyone no matter who you are or what is your profession, you can buy the Zero 10x electric Scooter. If you are one of those who love the speed and incredible design, this is for you. Once you buy the scooter, use it the entire day and cover a good range. It has been built solely for difficult terrain and hence anyone who is up for an adventure can buy this scooter right now.

It has everything you would need in a scooter i.e speed, range, safety, etc and this is the one where you get it all. Being a teenager, it can help you get to your college and attend classes very quickly. There are speed and safety as well and you can get everything from it.  Also, as a part of an office, you can also take it on the road rather than picking out a cab. This electric scooter is perfect for every person and also based on any purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

No matter whichever device you use, if the battery is a rechargeable one it may always happen that it has been overcharged. Hence, it is important to keep the battery in check while you recharge it. For a full charge, you need to keep it for about 11 hours and also keep track of time so that it does not get overcharged. This may lead to a shorter life span of the battery. And could easily wear off in years to come.

Yes, you indeed can do so. Using the simple charge it gives the same output as that of the fast charger however it takes about 11 hours to charge the battery entirely. It is way too much and does take up the entire day just for charging. Hence, if you are ready to spend some money on the charger, here you can get a fast charger that reduces the charging time and takes only 6 hours for a full charge. However, it has been advised to not overcharge using this charger as it decreases the battery life span.

Final Verdict

This is all you need to know about the incredible Zero 10x Scooter. It is worth every penny and the entire design gives justice to its incredible quality as well. We have reviewed the scooter and couldn’t be more thrilled to get a glimpse of it. According to reviews by other users, mostly all of them have the best response towards the performance. From speed to the comfortable ride, it has everything you have been looking forward to.

We may have not spoken enough about how easy everything was, the package came up with almost everything attached to it. You may hardly have to put on an effort to assemble this electric scooter. Within minutes it will be ready and you can get in on the road. However, make sure to read the instruction properly before folding the handlebars as they can be a little tricky. Other than that, the LCD monitor works perfectly well and also gives you the right info.

It surely is a little heavy but has a laid capacity of 120kg which is pretty good. Other than this, it is not suitable for children since it can pick up good speed but otherwise it is perfect and powerful in every manner.

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